Madhubani Painting

Young boy Avinash Karn, Rising Face in Madhubani Painting


Madhubani Painting

Madhubani painting ‘Natraj’ was put up in an auction by a Delhi based Art Gallery, ‘ Arts of the Earth ‘. Artist name Avinash Karn a 29 year old boy from Ranti village Bihar get under the lime light for the same.

His painting was sold at a price of 2.48 lakh which made him the highest paid contemporary artist, in Madhubani style paintings. And also this was the first time in history that in a single year Madhubani painting was sold twice at such a high price. Earlier this year at the month of June, late Madhubani Artist, Padma Shri Sita Devi’s painting ‘Kadam ka Ped’ was sold at the price of 4.36 lakh. Along with this in last 6 years, it was the first time Mithila secured first position for itself in the most expensive sold Folk Art category.

Avinash is actively involved in Madhubani paintings since the year 2014 as a contemporary artist. He works as a Freelance along with which he also organises workshops with certain tribal community to teach them the work of Art. It’s been a long time since he is engaged in such activities.

Madhubani Painting
Avinash Karn

His main aim is to acquire equal value for Madhubani paintings as of any other Art and receive equal importance as any other contemporary artists get. Even after Madhubani painting being the real Indian Art, it is not given much attention.

Apart from Madhubani paintings, out state Bihar has many more interesting and beautiful arts. Some of them are Sikki art, Tikuli art, Manjusha art that still needs to be explored. Taking the shadow of other arts in Bihar, “Avinash stated, these arts will only come into the mainstream when we start experimenting with them. These kinds of Art have potential that the people are still unable to discover. It’s time that we showcase them with a different style that reaches a larger audience. To do something out of the box the artist needs you develop him in the field with new ideas and concept”.

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