You Must Try These Bihari Cuisines Before You Die
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You Must Try These Bihari Cuisines Before You Die

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Like our culture the food we eat is rich as well. Apart from its varied attractions, the state is also known for its luscious cuisine, with sweets forming a major specialty. . Lately Bihari cuisine has been gaining popularity all around the globe. If you want to know more about Bihari cuisine and the traditional food of Bihar, then this article will surely fulfill all your requirements.

Dal Poori:

Dal Poori
It doesn’t only sounds delicious but it taste even better. We, Indians are crazy for poori’ and dal poori is another level of happiness to the list.

The mixture of gram flour with a lil of chatpata masala stuffing of the puri makes it yummier and though it’s a Dussehra special recipe, one need not have to wait for any such special occasions.
The Dal poori is served even in normal days in a Bihari family with a spicy ‘sabji’ or curd.

Parwal ki Mithai:

Parwal Ki Mithai

The amazingly delicious sweet made of Vegetable! Parwal ki mithai is quite a famous sweet in Bihar. Though it is made out of Parwal which is a vegetable, it is fantabulous to taste, and is made by stuffing the pointed gourd with khoya, giving it the right balance of sweet, salty and healthy. If you havent tasted this unusual mithai, dont give it a miss.

Pedakiya :


 Pedakiya is the Bihari version of Gujiya. It is Bihar’s most famous fried sweet, it is made by stuffing flour stuffed with suji (semolina), khoya or grated coconut and is made on almost every festival. Whether its Holi, Teej, Diwali or Chatt you can expect Pedakiya.

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Chana Ghugni:

chana Ghugni
 Chana Ghungni is popular as snacks in Bihar. While a lot of Bengal gram is used as stuffing, this particular dish is the Sunday breakfast special or Ramzaan’s iftar’s special.

Chana Ghungi is made in two ways; in some houses it is dry while in others it has gravy. The more the spicy better it tastes.

No matters which form of Chana Ghungni you are trying, you will love it all the way.

Khaja :

 Another name in the long list of amazing desert from Bihar. This wafery sweet snack is made from flour and sugar, is deep fried and then dipped in hot sugar syrup.

Khaja is has a strong sweet taste, so all those who has sweet tooth can taste Khaja for sure.
Silao ka Khaja is very famous.

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 Litti Chokha :


The signature dish of Bihar and Biharis. If you have a Bihari friend, you must have tried Litti Chokha at least once in your life time.It is baked from wheat flour dough that is stuffed with a mixture of roasted gram flour, spices, lemon juice and pickle. And is served with chokha.

Chokha is baked and pulped vegetables mixed with spices and onion.
Litti these days are being served with chicken and mutton gravy as well for non Veg lovers.

 Malpua :


Malpua is that sweetmeat to which all Biharis swear by for every special event and festival. Whether it’s Holi or Eid, Durga Puja or Ramzan the festival is incomplete if you haven’t eaten Malpua. Its batter is made by mixing flour, milk, sugar and mashed bananas and is deep fried in such a way that the edges go all crispy while the center is all soft. Mouth watering isn’t it? Tust me, if you are a sweet tooth, you cannot resist Malpua.

Dal Pitha :

Dal Pitha

We dont know which one came first, Dal Pitha or the momos to the world. Well, Dal Pitha is the Bihari version of momos or dumplings. This delicacy, made out of rice flour, is stuffed with spiced Bengal gram paste and then steamed.

It’s healthy to eat and yummlicious in taste. When served with pickle or chutni, these Dal Pitha tastes 100 times better.

Gur Pitha:

It just like Dal Pitha but the sake of sweet tooth  we Bihari’s are. Gur Pitha has stuffing of Jaggery unlike Bengal gram and hence taste sweet.

 Makhana Kheer :

Makhana Kheer

For those of you who don’t know makhana, it is also known as fox nut. This different version of kheer is made in a similar way like the normal kheer but is not as sweet because of the slightly salty taste of the fox nuts.

You must have eaten world class kheer and sawaiyan but nothing is as great as Makhana Kheer.

The makhana are heated in pan and are crushed into not so minute or not in a coarse powder but somewhere between.The powder is then further mixed in milk and is cooked with all dry fruits and sugar.

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Thekua is one of the most important ingredient  of ‘Chatt’ puja in Bihar. Ask any Bihari friend the occasions when this sweet is made at home and they all will say the same.

Thekua or Khajuria is a snack made from wheat flour; jaggery or sugar mixed together, molded and deep fried in ghee.



Stick Crackers: This snack made of flour and salt is deep fried. It is one of the perfect snack for evening chai.

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khurma shakarpala

This snack made of flour, is deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup. As the sugar syrup cools off, it crystallizes.

 The Bihari Kadi budi:

Kadi badi

kadhis, from different parts of the country. The Bihari kadhi is a one that uses badi(pakoda) dumplings. It is considered inauspicious in Bihar to prepare plainkadhi without any dumplings.

Lakto :


Laktho is a common Bihari household snack seen most often during Dussehra. The rice flour dough is kneaded and deep fried and then dipped into a thick jaggery syrup.

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 Behari Kebab:


Bihari Kababs are usually made with Beef strips or Lamb strips depending on which community non-vegetarians people of Bihar belong to. Meat is marinated with very flavorful mix of spices overnight and grilled, served with lots of salad on the side.
Bihari Kabāb, Bihari Kabab Roll (Kababs wrapped in a Paratha) is quite popular as far as around south of Lexington Avenue, New York City to street vendors of Japan.

Vegetarians, you can use the same masala on big chunks of Tofu or Paneer to make Kababs.

Poori Jalebi:

Breakfast , jalebi puri chholey chickpea thick soup wayside Dhaba Way to , Ramagrama , Lumbini , Nepal

Puri Sabji aur Jalebi is our Royal Breakfast. Among other things, Patna is famous for the variety of sweets it has to offer. Don’t forget to try Puri Jalebi, a dish unique to the city.

 Laai :


It’s a sweet crunchy snack made by  mixing puffed rice into jaggery syrup and giving it the desired shape (usually round) when its cooling down.

Kathal ka Kabab:


Katahal  i.e. jackfruit is normally eaten either in form of vegetables,  as  ripe fruit  or chips.  Katahal ke kabab is no less tasty than mutton shami kabab.

Anarasa :


Anarasa is a delicious sweet dish made of khoya.

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Tilkut :

Bihari Cuisine

Tilkut or bars of sesame seeds – a sweet cracker made by mixing the seeds either with jaggery or sugar – that is indelibly linked to Gaya, the birthplace of Buddhism, has been growing patrons not only in Bihar, but also in neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, and also the US. Come Makar Sakranti and every possible sweet shop in Bihar will sell one of these.



Bihari peda-

 Baqar Khani :

bakar khani
Bakarkhani is a roti, almost biscuit-like in texture, with a hard crust.

Sewai ka Zarda:

Sewai ka Zarda aka meeti sevai aka sevai ka meetha is the most delicious and delicate recipe of sevai. Its specially made during Eid-ul-Fitar.


 Ande ka halwa:

Ande ka halwa

Yes, You read it right Ande ka halwa. Ande ka Halwa is one of the richest and yummiest halwa usually made in winters. Since, winter is when your digestion is at its best so the richest food was consumed in winter.

Alu ka bhunjiya:

alu ki bhujiya

Several times I have banged my head trying to teach this recipe to my cook while living away from home(Bihar). No matter Whatever I tell him, he used to put all other spices & happily tell me that it was exactly the way I told him. He has just added chilli or so.

Its a simple one which goes well with morning breakfast(parantha or roti) or you can try as a side vegetable during lunch or dinner

Ol ka Chutney:

ol ki chutney

Indias yummiest chutney.  this chutney is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, chutney I have ever had. you got to trust my words more than what the pic says, else the loss is yours my friends.  The Biharis make chutney with the most unassuming of veggies and this chutney is a testimony to that.

Mutton Stew:

mutton stew

The preparation of this stew requires no water. And no ground spices. Serve this stew hot with rice, rotis or puris. You may try this with the unstuffed kachauri,

Kichdi with it’s Chaar yaars:

Chaar Yaar means “four friends”. Bihari Kichdi is usually served with it’s four friends ie; Chokha, Papad, ghee and Pickle!! YUM!:)

It’s appalling and interesting how food from Bihar hasn’t made it to many food joints yet, despite it being such a wonder!!

Happy Feasting 🙂

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6 years ago

Tried all of above except Ande Ka halwa… koi btao kahan milega ye??

Love Tilkut The Most 🙂

6 years ago

A great list…but wanna add ghevar in it….it’s my favorite.:)

6 years ago

Reminder of our GHARELU dishes …wow, missing it

6 years ago

Hi, can you please mail me the recipe for aloo ka bhunjiya?

Niharika Choudhary
Niharika Choudhary
6 years ago
Reply to  Sourabh

Peel potatoes, chop them in the size of French fries but smaller. Heat oil(best if you use mustard oil), sauté some chillies(just break them into 2). Now add the potatoes, cook in the oil for a minute or so. Add salt, turmeric and red chilli powder, cover it and let it cook for around 5 minutes on medium flame. Stir it after 5 minutes, cover it and repeat the process. Cook for some time on high flame, bhunjiya tastes better when its crispy and red in colour. P.S: don’t burn it while cooking on high flame. Enjoy your cooking ?

6 years ago

Correct 🙂 🙂

vidya prakash
vidya prakash
6 years ago

Just two minor corrections…
1. Please don’t add chilli powder in the beginning, if at all you have to add it. It should be added just before taking the dish off the flame (preferably after pouring out excess oil out of the bhujiya).
2. The taste is better if it is cooked on slow flame and without being covered. Don’t cover it at least in the beginning, otherwise it will get cooked and the due crispiness will be lost.

6 years ago

Will it be better if we had picture of Barh ki laayi as the one posted is common?Barh ki laayi is unique to us and delecious.

The other unique sweet that I know is ‘Mirjayi’, especially from Fatwa.

A great collection by the way, I suddendly felt the smell of the soil. Thanks a lot!

Kishan Karwa
Kishan Karwa
6 years ago

Suggest some good places n restaurants where we can try these cuisines

6 years ago

Most of the dishes are common with Bengal too. I didn’t like dal pithe though. It’s too dry and tasteless.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sreetama

Sreetama , Bengal / west Bengal and Bihar have too many things common in their cultures due to being neighbours. Earlier Bihar was a part of Bengal state ie : undivided Bengal. By the way OK ka chutney is best

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