Work Studio Coworking

Work Studio Coworking- Story of Bihar’s First Coworking Space

Bihar is growing younger by day as the percentage of youngsters in the workforce of Bihar is increasing rapidly. A vibrant lot of young and talented people is on the field to prove their worth and they are writing the new success stories from Bihar. These young Biharis are everywhere but some of them chose Bihar as their canvas and decided to work here only. One such story is behind the foundation of Work Studio Coworking– a venture started by 5 young Biharis at Patna which is now expanding its feet to cities of other states.

Work Studio Coworking

It may sound awkward but last year on April Fool’s Day, Alok Kumar, Rahul Samrat, Prakhyat Kashyap, Sonu Saurav, and Ishan Paul launched Work Studio Coworking, which is also the first Coworking space of Bihar. The stimulation behind choosing this date is Steve Jobs’ well known quote

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”

They believed in starting something of their own rather than working for someone else. While working together on a project, they collectively came up to a conclusion that the condition of start-ups and entrepreneurship is degrading in Bihar  just because of the lack of business friendly environment. The atmosphere here, is not as favorable to Business as compared to other metropolitan cities and that is the core problem.

Work Studio Coworking

Meanwhile, there was a buzz of coworking space in metro cities and the concept was quite successful. The thought arose of having a coworking space of their own where they can also fulfill their desire of providing a better work environment in the city. The first unit of Work Studio Coworking was opened at Kankarbagh, Patna. It is a hundred seater office space where big companies like Swiggy, Zomato and  PhonePe, and newly opened startups co exist. At this vibrant space, the founders, other than offering office space, also host, organise, sponsor and participate in events. Within an year, Work Studio Coworking has witnessed more than 50 events.

Headstart प्यार में वार नहीं

Within 3000 anyone can have the luxury of a full office having meeting rooms, conference rooms, reception area, receptionist, cafeteria, office boy and hot cups of coffee. With making the grounds for their venture, Work Studio Coworking also helps the startup community to grow by providing them an office space.

Work Studio Coworking


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Work Studio Coworking

By founding Work Studio Coworking, these 5 young entrepreneurs have proved that if given the opportunity and right balance of hard work and dedication, one can flourish his/her business anywhere on the globe. Initially, they were doubtful about the success of this coworking concept in Bihar but within 4 months they received an ecstatic response. They worked hard and made their brand cross the boundaries of state and established another unit in Ranchi on November 15th, 2018.

The ramp to the success was not very easy for them as they also had faced issues while starting this coworking space. The main issue which affected the business initially was to make people understand, what is a coworking space. The concept of coworking space was very new to the city and people were unaware of it. It might be possible that coworking space is a hotcake in start-up culture but what’s the point when people don’t even know what it is? The team started working for it and changed the marketing strategy. Instead of telling it as coworking space, they started promoting it as ready-to-move-in office space. This tactic helped them and local businessmen started showing the interest.

The founders established the Work Studio Coworking as the workstation of their dreams. They wanted to reflect the vibes of positiveness and motivation through the walls of office and not the routine, boring, corporate touch. The Steve Jobs on the wall became the iconic background of Patna as many people including few celebrities posted their selfies with that wall. This also helped the Work Studio Coworking in boosting their image.

Work Studio Coworking

The vision of Work Studio Coworking is to target tier 2 and tier 3 cities as 85% of the total coworking spaces is in metropolitan cities. But 65%of the newly opening enterprise, which is the main market of Coworking space lies in the comparatively smaller cities like Patna and Ranchi. The team of Work Studio Coworking is putting efforts to establish themselves in these cities of India and the opening of their 3rd unit in Gurugram will strengthen their campaign. On the very first anniversary of their foundation day, Work Studio Coworking will inaugurate their 3rd unit in Gurugram.

Work Studio Coworking Work Studio Coworking Work Studio Coworking Work Studio Coworking

Talking about operating business from Bihar, Alok Kumar, one of the founders of Work Studio Coworking said,

“Of you build your startup or venture at a comparatively smaller place, your chances of getting unexplored opportunities automatically increases. It is important for the young people to come back to Bihar and to work from here only. Not only this will strengthen the image of Bihar but also, they’ll have a lot of opportunities which they couldn’t have in big cities.”


PatnaBeats congratulates the whole team of Work Studio Coworking on their first anniversary. We wish this Bihari brand to grow bigger and to keep spreading positivity in the ambience.

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