Women of Bihar | The other half of the glory

Women of Bihar | The other half of the glory

Bihari Women and their stride towards making their world a better place. 

She has a quiet confidence that screams loud, she’s humble but strong, gentle but fierce, giving but not naïve. She chooses her battle wisely and stays silent until it’s time to fight and that is the power of a woman. Women’s day is not about feminism; women are strong already. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. In India, it is a common practice that a woman is made to find her worth in a man. It would be wrong to deny the fact that in some parts of the country there are women who are still suppressed and devoid of necessary provisions. Nevertheless, we have these empowered rebels mentioned below who unchained themselves from the shackles and flew high above to reach the pinnacles of success in their respective fields:


Sabina EnglandSuper-talented deaf filmmaker Sabina, based in St. Loius, USA, fits perfect for the adage “Disability is an ability in disguise”. She grew up in both England and US having roots in Bihar where both her parents were born and raised. She had been profoundly deaf since she was a baby despite which she wrote poetries and directed short films. What adds to her glory is her first self-published novel, Urdustan (A Collection of Short Stories). She wishes that her works receive relevance in India too. Read More


samreen Saba, PatnaBeats  Samreen Saba from Gaya districtwith all her passion and hard work proved herself as the one in a million by adding glory to our country’s pride in America. By hitting a score of 100% in an online test, she qualified for NASA’s scholar programme, in fact, the only Indian student to crack it this year.The little progress of our Bihari girl added up to the big result. Read More


Rj Anjali, Patna, patnaBeats
Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. So is the case with our young and aspiring RJ Anjali who pursued her passion because she had faith in herself. She is one such person who is eagerly waited to be heard on the radio daily by thousands of her audience. Her zealous and blissful vibes seem to penetrate through the radio and flourish the mood of her listeners with fun and inspiration. She is a perfect example of a woman with potential. Read More


Meenakshi Jha Banerjee , Patna, PatnaBeats Best known for her experimentation with the traditional elements of Mithila art forms, Meenakshi Jha Banerjee is a contemporary professional painter, belonging to Madhubani. Her skills now are no more confined within the pristine but have been evolved as a unique piece of art. Her passion and exploration lead her to the achievement of various awards like Bihar kala samman 2013; All India National exhibition–two consecutive years; Swami Vivekanand Yuva Puraskar; Sidheswari Devi Puraskar; V P Sinha foundation award; R N Pandey Smriti Puraskar. Her paintings also witnessed various exhibitions and shows across the region. Read More


Guncha Sanober, Patna  Being positive even in negative situations is an act worth praising. Belonging to a Muslim family, where educating a girl varies from that of girls belonging to a different culture, Guncha Sanober alone knows the struggle of elating herself as a UPSC ranker in the year 2014. Guncha who received her primary education from NDA and later from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, scored 424th rank in civil services exam, 2014. With high goals and big dreams Sanober is determined to bring about good changes in law and politics of the country. Read More


Asha Khemka, PatnaBeatsSuccess is never about how much money you make but the difference you make in people’s lives as done by Asha Khemka, who arrived in London with family from Sitamarhi in Bihar in 1978 without any English language skills and went to change the lives of thousands as a leading educationist had received her Damehood from Prince Charles. Read More


Anuritta K jha 3
Obsessed with being a woman who is comfortable under her own skin like our beautiful model Anuritta K Jha is a matter of satisfaction.Born in Bihar, Anuritta holds a graduate degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani. She seems quite happy with the way things shaped up, soon after beginning her actual journey doing wasseypur and then Jugni(2016). The actress says she has a couple of films in which she’ll be starring very soon. Read More


9:  One can always have time for the things they put first and so was with Tatahir Fatima, the head teacher of a government primary Urdu school in Saaran district. Tatahir was widely appreciated across the district for abiding by her job and engaging classes before joining her wedding ceremony. She literally proved that limitations are only those that we put on our minds by abiding by her duty even on her marriage day. Read More


Tejaswini Ranjan (1) Tejaswini Ranjan, an aspiring lawyer, editor-in-chief and content head of various prominent blogs and journals, always had a thing for sports. Apart from having journalism as her career, she is pursuing law and her unconditional love for sports incited her to kick start a sports journal named ‘Plawyered’, that covered contents from FIFA to BCCI and other sports federations. Read More


Swati KumariYoung aspirants like Swati Kumari created her own segment of the readers and fans all around the world debuted with her novel – Without A Goodbye. Though she was born and raised in Kanpur, lived in different cities across the country she’s presently living in Patna with her family. Despite various obstacles in her way sheconstantly motivated herself to follow her dreams which ended up as a great success. Read More


 ‘Aakanksha Shankar’, a native of Munger, Bihar formed a group of women and trained them in pencraft which is self-introduced unique painting style. She popularized the technique of pencraft and motivated her artists to be financially independent through art work.it was then when the idea behind the formation of Bulbuli came to her mind and its first exhibition was on 10th August 2014 which was a super hit start-up.Aakanksha with her team started socialising her business on facebook, twitter and on other social media sites so that people could get to know more about it. Read More 


Arpita Vinay
Arpita Vinay made Bihar proud when she received the World Women Leadership Congress Award for excellence in financial services.After competing against 250 shortlisted women across South Asia, her ideas and visionary in business sector paved her way to her success and leadership. Read More


Akansha SinghAkansha Singh is a social entrepreneur from Bihar who truly committed to make something happen. By lighting up the homes and hearts of some of the less fortunate in our society she turned her dreams into actions. Since she had keen interest in contributing in the society so she wanted to do her part for the welfare of others in order to provide them financial as well as moral support. Akansha has already raised 22,002 till now and for her dedication she shall ever rule the hearts of the needy. Read More


Swasti Nitya
The little star, Swasti Nitya from Bhagalpur is a bomb of enthusiasm and talent who was gratified to win the second season of acting talent hunt TV show “India’s Best Dramebaaz”. Read More


Bihar, Bihari, fighter pilot
Photo by- K.V.S.Giri , The Hindu

Introducing the first indian women fighter pilots Bhawna Kant from Darbhanga district along with Mohini Singh and Avni Chaturvedi. This would be the first time that the Indian air force will possess female pilots in the cockpit. Brought up in a middle-class family, Bhawna is a great source of inspiration and empowerment for women across the country. Read More


Meera Devi, 48, a ward member from Loma panchayat in Muzzaffarpur district’s Gaighat block, has emerged as a true champion of healthcare in her panchayat, which is largely inhabited by scheduled caste and other backward class communities.

Meera Devi, 48, a ward member from Loma panchayat in Muzzaffarpur district’s Gaighat block, has emerged as a true champion of healthcare in her panchayat, which is highly flood-prone and largely inhabited by scheduled caste and other backward class communities. Every Monday, women and children queue up for check-ups. Her motive is to strengthen the state-level advocacy efforts on women’s issues by involving elected women representatives (EWRs). However, gradually, they understood that these women have tremendous potential to contribute to the smooth functioning of rural health services. Read More


Sister Sudha Varghese
Awarded with Padma Shri, fourth highest civilian award in 2006, Sudha Varghese also known as Sister Sudha has had a long persevering journey of five decades. But the selfless Catholic nun has not struggled to create a better life for herself. She has struggled all this while to give a better life to others. Dedicated to the cause of upliftment of Musahars or Dalits in Bihar, Sister Sudha is greatly inspired by the fight that was put by Dr B.R Ambedkar against the evil of untouchability. Read More
18: The strongest factor of success is self-esteem which was achieved by Neha Singh who runs a handwoven and handicraft retail store for women apparel and accessories in Patna which is named as ‘Artisans’ Gallery’. The idea is to promote and motivate weavers and empower women. It doesn’t aim at making huge money, we just want to keep it moving to help the women associate with it. Read More


72 years old Jyoti from Kerela has not only helped thousands of women in Saran district in becoming self-independent and self-reliant but also promoted women education and empowerment. Jyoti has been indeed a ‘jyoti’ for aged women to fulfill their needs and necessities on their own. Read More

20: Determined to bring about a change, Phool Kumari from Barahkhanna village under Sanjhauli block in Bihar’s Rohtas district stunned the society when she decided to mortgage her ‘mangalsutra’ to get a toilet at home. The common issues of open defecation often bothered her that she requested the concerned officials to release fund in her name for the toilet construction. By this brave step, Phool Kumari set an example for others especially women to act in order to achieve what they deserve. This bold step made her the brand ambassador of the ‘Total Sanitation Program‘. Read More


shrini Singh
Shrini Singh who believes in never to stop growing up, is a marketing manager, a freelance journalist, a daughter, a wife, a mother and the winner of most charming face- Mrs. India Earth 2016. With full-fledged love and support from her Bihari family, Shrini defeated her fears and flaws and ended up winning. She is totally against the notion that ‘a girls aspirations should die after marriage’ and advises everyone to give their 100% in order to fulfil their dreams. Read More


Manorma Devi Bihar
“Happiness multiplies after sharing while woes diminish” and that happiness was brought forward to the Bhagalpur district of Bihar where Manorama Devi of Sabour village when she started ‘Srijan’ with only five women. Srijan, Manorama’s design collective, which is making a name for its beautiful hand-crocheted lifestyle products, is incredible not just because its founder is old, talented and inspiring, but because its process of creation is held together by a network of strong and talented women much like her – women who make things happen, who are changing their worlds, one crochet bead at a time. Read More


Bihari sisters
Afreen and Shadia (in red) engage women in Newra village, Muzaffarpur. (Source: Express photo by Prashant Ravi)

Shadia and Afreen have been doing commendable work by taking the fight against female foeticide to homes and hearts. Residents of Khanejadpur, one among 24 Muslim-dominated villages in the Minapur assembly segment, the sisters say they have been spreading awareness on population control and female foeticide since 2012, with help from Manav Development Foundation, an NGO, and support from their father Mohammed Tasleem. Read More


Shazia Quaiser, Revival Shoe Laundry
Shazia Quaiser came up with a unique and different idea of opening a SHOE LAUNDRY in the whole of Bihar. ‘REVIVAL SHOE LAUNDRY’ inaugurated on 12.12.2012 is the first of its kind in the state capital. Shazia from Patna desired to face every challenge courageously and left no stone unturned in catering to the satisfaction of her customers. The result is there to be seen today. Read More


Pranati Rai Prakash
Besides being an excellent designer she is a mesmerizing belly dancer and has innate acting skills. The one of her kind, PranatiRai Prakash from Patna is the winner of “India’s Next Top Model” season two and she says in the next five years she sees herself as a Bollywood actress.Along with the title, PranatiRai Prakash will also get to model for certain brands with a modelling contract for a year and an opportunity to feature in a reputed lifestyle magazine. Read More


band of drummers, narigunjan
Women today are taking equal part in every activity which earlier was male dominated and this is not a tale of just urban cities where woman work in corporate offices but also of rural Bihar, where now women have stepped ahead of men and are proving their mettle. Nari Gunjan, which literally means the humming of women, is a non-governmental organization established by Sudha Varghese. This organistaion works among the Musahar and Mahadalit communities in Bihar and address issues of rights, education, livelihood and violence against women. Read More


Most of the important things in this world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. For the past 10 years, Raquel and her team are teaching children through her two initiatives in education, Akshy Educational Centre and Kamal school where half the seats are reserved for girls. All expenses of the students, from food to tuition, are taken care of by the schools. Raquel says Education will give them the tools to stand up for their ideas and discuss their rights as Indian citizens. Read More


Shireen Rahmani For people who quit when things get tough they need to know that its not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. Shireen Rahmani, a student of Grade XI, Al Majid International School, Dammam, KSA, recently attended the prestigious educational Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) in the USA. Joining other outstanding high school students from around the world, Shireen Rahmani took part in the extraordinary leadership development experience representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Originally she belongs to village Raksia, with a base in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Read More


Supriya Aiman, Patna, Modelling, models from Bihar
Supriya Aiman always dreamt of representing the country on an international platform, and pageantry world has given her that opportunity, to follow and achieve her dreams. Born and brought up in Patna, Supriya pursued her aeronautical engineering from Indian Institute of aeronautics in Patna and also hold a Graduate degree in Physics (Hons.). Wining the pageant in the very first try she has done a lot of projects in her modeling career. Read More

30: Tanju Devi actively lent her support to a multitude of issues and rallies in her village, which is nestled between the forests of the Indo-Nepal border. She firmly believes that once a community comes together to solve problems, anything is possible. She is a Community Correspondent of Gaunaha, in West Champaran district of Bihar helps people with the problem of pensions that leave many individuals struggling to make ends meet. She assigned officers to conduct an investigation into the panchayat’s actions and clear the arrears and helped people receive support and justice. Read More

We have these great ladies around us and millions more yet we fail to understand the potential of a woman. Women’s day is not just about celebration and enlistment of the success stories of the achievers but to save the dignified position that a woman deserves and practicing what is actually preached. Hoardings marched articles features will women be limited to that? This women’s day inculcate the new and empowered thinking and what’s more necessary is to practice and implement them in yourself and people around you. Remember, life would never have existed without a woman.

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