Why Cookbook Cafe and Kitchen should be your go-to place to savor good food

Why The Cookbook Cafe and Kitchen should be your go-to place to savor good food!

Don’t let Corona kill your cravings. Good food leads to a good mood and it’s important to be in a good mood, now more than ever! Let’s venture to a place that has braced up and taken all the measures to bring the best to you. Cookbook Cafe is all set to keep corona at bay while you relish in the pleasure of their divine cuisine.

Prevention is sure better than cure!

Speaking of safety and cleanliness which is the new normal The Cookbook Restaurant and Cafe greets all its guests at a counter outside the cafe where they are provided with masks and shoe covers. After recording the temperature and sanitizing their hands the guests walk the exquisite pathway which leads them to their table.

Feel chills down your spine every time you hear someone cough? Not a very happening situation especially when you’re eating. Keeping that in mind all the tables are distant divided by compartments. We don’t mind any private space, do we?

Coming to the most vital part. Yes, you got it right! FOOD. Worried about hygiene? Fret not, Cookbook has you covered. All the dining tables are pre-equipped with sealed packets of Areca dishes and cutlery which is opened by the guests. To know more about areca dishes, visit: http://www.arecaleafplates.com/

Similar hygiene is maintained in the kitchen. Now you don’t have to stress about who touched the plate before you.

Touch is the new taboo and you might not want to get your hands dirty while turning the huge pages of the menu which is why there is a separate scanner code allotted to all the tables which gives you access to the digital menu. It’s all at the scroll of your fingers. You can even pay using a unique password that you’ll be provided at the time of entry. Other options such as cash and card are also available.

Let me give you a quick review as to why you should pick Cookbook over others:

  • You can get your hands sanitized and body temperature checked at the entrance. Also, before entering don’t forget to wear shoe cover being provided to you.
  • You will be allocated your table and given a secured pin for the online order at your table.
  • When you have settled down you may remove your masks and safely put it in the mask envelope being provided to you. So that it remains clean throughout the time you are enjoying your meal.
  • You will be provided with a kit that will be opened for the first time by you as it is securely and safely sealed and packed after sanitization.

  • There is a unique QR code on each different table. Scan the code to order online. Your order will be safely and fresh served to you. An online payment facility is also available.
  • Throughout this process, there will be minimal contact and social distancing will be a priority.

Breakfast and Dine-in at Home

Craving early in the morning and it’s getting difficult to wait until 12:00? Well, that’s not a problem anymore. You can bite on an entire range of breakfast combos while enjoying a beautiful view of the city life through the gigantic glass frames. The cafe starts at 08:30 in the morning till 08:30 in the evening. Still not satisfied but can’t do away the craving, can you? The Cookbook comes to your rescue. Now, you can place an order via Zomato, Cookbook’s online portal, or drop a WhatsApp text. The deliciousness is just a text away!

Co-working space:

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone but together we have to provide for each other. In a similar effort, the Cookbook Cafe has converted some part if it’s dining area into a co-working space.

The key features are listed below:

  • You can rent a space for a day or a few months.
  • The cafe would provide you with your personal visiting card.
  • 80% of your rent amount would be credited to your wallet which you can use for ordering food.
  • You can avail of other facilities such as Free Wifi, Printer, Scanner, or Locker facilities.



In the city for a few meetings or want a workspace for a short span. The cookbook is your way to go. For further queries, visit: https://m.facebook.com/cafe.cookbook/

The Cookbook Restaurant and Cafe also aims at revolutionizing the age-old buffet system which has been the heart of parties for decades in Bihar by providing contemporary outdoor catering services. You can contact Cookbook to avail of their catering services for your small gatherings.

Next time you feel like munching on some delight but want to maintain the safety as well, The Cookbook can be your go-to place. The Cookbook seems excited and ready to serve you and make your experience memorable and safe.

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