Why It’s Better to Rush Slowly: Top 5 Reasons to Remember

At first, the possibility of combining haste with slowness seems paradoxical. In fact, following the rule of slow haste helps you get things done much faster, better, and more cheerfully.

How often and for what do you rush? It’s likely that many people do it constantly and aimlessly. Haste has become a normal rhythm of life for us, even when it’s unnecessary or even harmful (like eating on the go). And yet people who prefer measurement to vanity, have a number of advantages over the hurry. Here are the main ones.
The Ability to Make Decisions
This quality is useful both at work and at home. Hurry and fuss, yanking yourself and others with the phrases “hurry up!” and “how much longer can you dig?”, and most importantly, the realization that you need to speed up, rather slow down the course of both mental and physical processes. A person becomes confused, confused in his thoughts and order of actions, unable to focus, nervous, and energy is spent on experiencing negative emotions rather than on creating or searching for an answer. The result is regret, or even despair at having “messed up” again, and a waste of extra time and resources to fix it.

When dealing with any task, whether it’s being late for a plane or an urgent errand from the boss, be sure to calm down before rushing to act. Come to your senses. Then define your goal, outline the steps to achieve it and follow them strictly one at a time. The most important thing is to forbid yourself to try to do everything at once and to remember what you have to achieve. Each stage must be done thoroughly, without fuss. If the task is difficult, you can outline the main points of implementation in writing in advance. Although it seems that making plans will take more time than the momentary spontaneity, the result will be much faster and more reliable.
Job Satisfaction
Constantly nervous about their slowness or inattention, the comfort of the workplace cannot be felt. Of course, there are emergency rushes in any business, and in these periods, you should be focused and consistent. If the stress of worrying about your own “underachievement” is constant, then self-esteem may decrease, apathy and unwillingness to work may appear. Difficulties with the pace of performance of duties may be due to external reasons – objectively high workload and difficult working conditions, and internal ones – laziness, absent-mindedness, personal characteristics, lack of important skills. Also, slow down the effectiveness of your attitude to business, excessive excitement for the result, improperly organized work process. What if you are not doing what you want to do?

A squirrel-in-the-wheel state prevents you from understanding whether what you are doing is the right thing for you. We spend almost most of our time at work, and our satisfaction with it has a pretty big impact on our quality of life in general. Taking an outsider’s perspective can make a big difference. Today, it’s realistic to avoid being held hostage to one education or one profession, although it’s better not to rush to change your specialty drastically. Sometimes even small changes allow you to find what you need.
Achieving Mental Harmony
Do you have the feeling that in the constant hustle and bustle you are missing something very important? Do you feel that in spite of being super busy, the free time you have is somehow wasted? Meetings with friends are constantly postponed, there is no completely free from all the affairs of the weekend, even a joint breakfast in the family is already rare, since everyone has their own cases and plans. Heart-to-heart conversations, retelling dreams and the events of the day to family members are practically forgotten. The same happens with favorite activities: few people manage to spend the whole day knitting, reading a book or watching a couple of episodes of a movie, visiting a museum in the mode of quiet contemplation or an amusement park with shrieks of delighted children. Meanwhile, only by relaxing and eliminating thoughts of a pile of things to do for a while of rest, you can feel free.

It’s important to fully devote yourself to leisure, hobbies from practicing sports yourself to betting on them via Bet22, small and big joys and loved people. Forbid yourself to be distracted and rushed in such moments – especially if they are rare. After all, the mental comfort that comes from taking care of yourself and your loved ones is the most powerful resource that can help you move mountains.
Self-awareness and Self-development
Some of us are attentive to our actions, thoughts, and moods – thinking carefully about what is happening, noting our reactions and emotions. However, most people take little time to consider a situation and think about their role in it. For example, when we are upset or anxious, we rarely begin to consider why. “I’m in a bad mood,” we say, “I don’t feel like myself today,” and then immediately return to the urgent worries. But thinking about why we feel this way or that way is useful. Why was sad after a conversation with his girlfriend and why was the remark from the chief so much outraged? What is the reason for envy of the neighbor, and why so ashamed after a quarrel with his father?

Try to consider at least the most typical conflict situations and cases that hurt you a lot. Sometimes it can be very difficult to see your own mistakes and shortcomings, to admit your own self-interest or gloating, your own bruised ego, or a strong grudge. Honesty and a willingness to change help you become a better person.
Feeling the Fullness of Life
Some time ago a new social phenomenon of slowlife emerged in the world. More and more of its supporters are convinced that only by getting rid of the daily “marathon” does a person become more harmonious and happy, because there is time both for the most important things in his life, and for learning about the world around him and its inhabitants. In order to stop the rush, all spheres are deliberately slowed down: food, work, travel, and even the rhythm of the city.

Certainly, some matters require urgency and hurrying is simply necessary. However, when rushing is unnecessary, slow down, and you will achieve what you want much faster.

Sometimes it seems that for everything that is put off for later, the time will come. In fact, time only goes away, and faster every day. Live at a rhythm that suits you, just live each moment as fully as possible, without rushing into the next.

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