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Why Are You Blessed To Be a Bihari?

BihariYou are not always destined to be a Bihari and if you are, trust me you just hit the bull’s eye, baby.
Being Bihari is a brand and trust me after reading this article You will be glad that you Sir/Ma’am, Yes you are lucky to be A Bihari.

1) You have parents who can sell their home just to educate you.

Good education for their kids is always on top of any Bihari parent’s priority list. They are ready to sell their home and land just to pay for your education and the best part is that they would not even think twice before doing that.

2) You have a never say die attitude.

Well this often makes us “dheet” but then we don’t stop until we do want we want to do. A challenge brings the best out of us.

3) You will always take your career or passion seriously.

Bihar is not exactly a rich state and we know the value of money and prosperity. This makes us serious and honest towards what we do for our earning.

4) You are “mostly” good at calculations.

We are good in mathematics and accounts. No wonder Biharis are always among the toppers. Sometimes I wonder if the Aryabhatta DNA is being passed on to Biharis through generations. Winks.

5) Litti- Chokha.

We prepare some of the most mouth watering cuisines here. Litti-Chokha certainly tops the Bihari delicacies chart.

6) You always refuse to bow down.

Well, to put it in the most simple way, we don’t take shit from anyone and I mean anyone. We refuse to entertain what’s wrong and we always take a stance for the right thing. We got Spine!

7) Art is in our blood.

Bihar is always appreciated for its art and literature. Be it the Madhubani art or the unending list of famous writers, we excel in every field we take up.

8) We are always grounded.

The Position we hold in our offices or Success, for that matter, doesn’t define our outlook. We are humble by lineage. We stick to our basics and cultures. Our feet are always grounded and we always remember the hard work we have put through to reach where we are today.
And always remember once a Bihari always a Bihari!

An aticle by: Mayank Kashyap

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