Why are So Many Indians Turning to Online Gaming?

India and online gaming are moving closer together. We are seeing a lot of people turn towards this, whether that is video games that have gone to mobile, or casinos now offering a mobile service. But what is making Indian people move towards this?

Availability of Online Games

The biggest reason why people are turning towards gaming in India is simply because of the availability we now have. The appetite to play has always been there, but it is only recently that online gaming has been allowed to really take off in the country.

With mobile phones now being good enough to handle all forms of gaming, more people than ever before have a gadget that allows them to get involved. You don’t need a computer, gaming console or anything else, you can just use the phone that is in your pocket.

The improvement in this department is why you see gaming amongst India’s latest trends on a regular basis.

Companies Targeting the Indian Market

Thanks to more people being able to get involved, many companies have started to specifically target the Indian market. This is a big step, because it shows the number of players that India currently has, and you can see this most with the casino gaming industry.

Companies are now actively promoting themselves to Indian players, and this includes big names, which often generates online questions such as is Betway legal in India, because people want to use the biggest names in gambling.

We are already seeing this, but an update to the online gambling laws in India would almost certainly mean that we would see more of this. Although some of the bigger names are already in India and promoting their services, some are still hesitant because of the grey area around the rules of gambling in the country.

What Does the Future Hold?

This brings us onto the future of gaming in India, which looks to be very strong. We have seen many doors open, and it seems only a matter of time before even more open, and when they do, expect another big influx of companies into the market, which will more than likely get more people excited.

Another area to look out for is the quality of mobile phones. The continued worldwide battle between Apple and Samsung looks set to continue, and each year they are pushing each to make bigger and better phones, packed with more features.

As we progress, this will help in two ways. The first is that the newest phones on the market are going to be even better and handle even more of what the gaming industry throws at them. Secondly, the second hand phone market, which some people need to use, will be full of excellent devices, which should open the for even more people to get involved, as the cheaper phones would allow them to do so.

However the future develops, it certainly appears to be strong. 

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