Who Said What at TEDxBankipur 2020

Recently Patna had organized the world’s biggest talk platform Tedxbankipur, held in Bihar Chamber of Commerce, Patna on 9th Feb 2020. People of Bihar were asked to nominate the speaker. According to the votes, Seven outstanding people from Bihar got selected to share their experience, struggle, hard work, and their success story. Let’s read about who said what at TEDx Bankipur 2020.

Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar is an Indian DIY content creator. In his speaking, he told about his journey, his struggling period and how he started everything. despite coming from an economically weaker background he manages to do all his work with only 50 rupees and by using the free wifi. He told about all the obstacle he faces during his struggling period. He quoted    “ haaro mat haar ko haraao”. By facing all those obstacles he has made his channel “Artkala”, one of the biggest DIY creators in the world.

Kumar Prashant

Kumar Prashant is an  Indian upcycling artist who is working with waste to create social and environmental change. He has traveled for about 44,000 km in twenty-two countries to aware people of the climate crisis, bring in the local resilience and help them with the help of upcycling. In his talk, he gave emphasis to the climate crisis and said that even the UN has declared a climate crisis in more than 20 countries but no one is talking about it. He talked about how unnecessarily we generate waste which can be reduced and reused if only we show some sincerity in our use of products.

Arunabh Kumar

Arunabh Kumar brought up the current problem with today’s generation. His talk revolved around the point that we should think and research before choosing our careers. He gave examples like there are 250+ jobs related to the food industry and there is a Job-like water taster. But most of the people don’t give the required emphasis on deciding a career. He advised us to use the Google tool to do more and more research and find out the answers to different questions that are soaring in our minds.

Nilotpal Mrinal

This speaker was listened by younger to older generations. He simply presented his struggle of trying to be a writer and finding a publisher. But the often implicated metaphors and his point-to-point explanation made the talk hitting and entertaining at the same time. Though he said that having a passion is not enough but you have to give your full focus and hard work to make it a success. His way of struggle is calm and needed as he said that everybody struggles at some point in their time to make it to success.


Maithili Thakur

Her aura on the stage made everybody alive and refreshed. She started her talk with a small performance. She explained her journey. She told the audience that she is singing from the age of seven. She share the moment when she was not interested in going for any further shows as she was more interested in focusing on her studies. She has always dreamt of being an I.A.S officer. She talked about her social media journey which was started because she came to know that there are always page and account by her name so she decided to make her social media presence. While talking about the best of her moments she talked about how KBC by Amitabh Bachan played her song in one of its episodes.


AJIT Anjum

Ajit Anjum chose to talk about the power of the hard-work. He talked about how after the realization that he doesn’t have that many inborn talents he chose the way to hard work. His message to the working people is that be ready to give some extra to your work. It will make you recognized.


Piyush Mishra

Being an entrepreneur, he talked about the benefits of good relations with your customers. He also talked about his struggle and how his family supported that time. His business fully depends on customer service and satisfaction.

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All of these speakers talk about different aspects of life Struggle, Skills, Passion, Hard-work and patience. Their journey was different and similar at the same time. We should all learn from their journey and try our best to inculcate these values.

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