Who said what at Patna’s first global standard talk, TEDx Bankipur

Finally Patnaites got to witness the most awaited event of the town, TEDx Bankipur. The world’s largest talk conference celebrated its Bankipur session in Vidyapati Bhawan on July 29, 2018.

TEDx Bankipur started with showing a TEDx conference video, after which Rahul Samrat, host of the event, welcomed the honourable speakers with a warming speech.

Topic for this conference, TEDx Bankipur, was Figuring Out Why.

All of the speakers addressed this theme very beautifully along with providing the audience so many different ideas to explore.

There were seven speakers who participated in the event –

  • Abhayanand – former DIG and Educationist.
  • Mukesh Hissaria – social worker.
  • Ritu Jaiswal – Mukhiya, Singhwahini Panchayat, Sitamadhi.
  • Pawan Kumar – well known cartoonist.
  • Narendra Kumar – Owner of Alankar Motors.
  • Shashank Kumar – Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of De-Haat.
  • Anjali Singh – RJ, Radio Mirchi.

TEDx BankipurThe very first speaker was Abhayanand, former DIG who likes to call himself a teacher. He discussed about teaching and learning and why it is very important.

Whatever you do, do it in a positive way. Don’t do it for getting into a job or making money out of it, do it for your own personal satisfaction.” Said Mr. Abhayanand.

TEDx BankipurThe second speaker was Mr. Mukesh Hissariya, social worker who’s eager to do his part in society but still remains grounded and connected. He talked about why mass marriage should be a common phenomenal. He took the audience to a chronicled ride where he told his story about how he came closer to blood donation. He’s organising a mass marriage event for 51 poor girls every year in Patna since 2010. What’s more interesting is that though mass marriage of poor people itself is a social event he’s connecting every year’s event with a social cause. For instance, event of 2016 was connected with Thalassemia, event of 2017 was connected with cancer and this very year’s event, organised on 15th July, 2018, was connected with Haemophilia. He also has helped 62 challenged people to get married.  

We’re not doing anything big. Every person has a problem and some other person has its solution. If we could help each other finding solutions to each other’s problems we can make the world a better place.” Said Mr. Mukesh Hissariya.

TEDx BankipurThe third speaker of TEDx Bankipur was Mrs. Ritu Jaiswal, Mukhiya of Singhwahini Panchayat, Sitamadhi. She talked about unregistered rapes and molestation in rural India. She talked about various women problems, they face in villages on a daily basis.

They say soul of India resides in villages but as far as I’ve seen the rural condition I must tell you soul of India do not resides in villages but dies a painful death.” Said Mrs. Ritu Jaiswal.

TEDx BankipurThe fourth speaker of the event was Mr. Pawan Kumar, a well known cartoonist famous for his political cartoons. He talked about why executing idea is important in developing cartoon. He said that Cartoons help us in understanding the basic problems of society.

“ Social media has made a lot of difference. Sense of humor of common people is so much better because of internet. People have started giving quick reactions and stopped being unbiased. They are divided into various factions and this is really saddening.” Said Mr. Pawan Kumar.

TEDx BankipurNarendra Kumar, owner of Alankar Motors, was the fifth speaker of the event. He discussed on India tops in motor vehicle accidents and why thinking differently will lower the rate of accident.

He raised very basic but very important issues about road safety.

“Why are we dying of repetitive causes? Why can’t we come up with a different set of ideas so that we can overcome accidents? Do we really need to sensitize every motorized vehicle driver on Indian roads?If we can’t permit a non-learned doctor to touch our body how can we allow a non-learned driver to touch steering wheels?”

These were the issues raised by Mr. Narendra Kumar.

TEDx BankipurThe second last speaker of the TEDx Conference was Mr. Shashank Kumar, founder and CEO of De-Haat. He talked about why developing technology for farmer’s obligatory. He shared three stories of local entrepreneurs who started with small capital and now doing good in their businesses.

“ Many of us know what to do but only few of us know why do we do. Irrespective of whatever you do, try to get the answer of why? Why do you want to do? If why is clear, we will easily know the purpose of our life.” Said Mr. Shashank Kumar.

Last but not the least, Anjali Singh or as we know her our very own RJ Anjali came on stage. With a fascinating aura and beaming smile in her face she was certainly the show-stopper of the event.She discussed about Why do people connect with radio source.

TEDx Bankipur

She started by telling how she’s working since 11 years 6 months in radio and today more than 4,20,000 people listen to her in one go. She told that 95% of the population are connected with radio. She went on telling that radio show is all about music, Jock talk and advertisement. You need to get connected to people through your connected.

“ WHY is not always the question, for me WHY is actually the reason, WHY is the journey and WHY after all is an experience which is very dynamic and it keeps changing with time and somehow I love my WHY.” Said RJ Anjali.

At the end of TEDx Bankipur, Mr. Alok Kumar, Curator of TEDx Bankipur had given the vote of thanks and then the volunteer certificate were given to all volunteers.


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