What is it like to be gay at IIT Bombay? Story of Aditya Shankar, 22, from Muzaffarpur!

Aditya Shankar, 22, hails from Muzaffarpur, Bihar and is a student at IIT Bombay. He queerly identifies himself as a film-maker, curator, and a political enthusiast. He came out of the closet as a freshman in 2011 which eventually took him to the United Nations General Assembly, New York City. He understands the value of language in making strides for LGBTQ acceptance culminating in the creation of Saathi Connect.

On the National Coming Out Day,  which celebrates individuals who publicly identify themselves as a sexual minority, Aditya Shankar, a member of IIT Bombay’s LGBTQ group Saathi, shares his coming out video.


Saathi was formed in 2011 as a resource group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community on the IIT Bombay campus.
Saathi Connect is a project to create multimedia anthology of LGBTQ youth in India, in three languages: English, Marathi and Hindi. This project will be executed by Saathi IIT Bombay, the LGBTQ resource group of IIT Bombay, funded by Fondation Rainbow Solidarite, and supported by Humsafar Trust, Mumbai.

Aditya writes…

“It seems so long, yet just like yesterday that I first told anyone. It was 12th August of 2010, on a terrace by the Arabian sea, when I came out to my straight beloved. It escalated rather quickly. One year after that, I had somehow crossed a threshold and had started telling everyone around me. Queer- seemed to a mot juste. An apt word. Slowly and gradually, I kept breaking one inhibition after the other. Finally, I told ma last month, thereby completing in a sense my coming out journey. Here’s my coming out video.”