We like It This Way – Zabardast Bihari Words/Phrases.

India is a country of wide-ranging language. Every corner of it has its unique way of loathing things, at times out of love and at time out of anger and sometime put to ease.  And this eastern part of India has its own way which is funny yet humorous and intriguing others, commonly known as Bihari (And that is why entire nation knows how is BURBAKK! pronounced. 😛 )

Here are some, which are most often used –:

  • For everyone it is either electricity, bijli or power.
    -For us it is ‘

    line – Line cut jaata hai. & line aa jata hai 

  • When we get mad at someone, we straight away bring their In-laws into concern.- 

    Saala Sasoor ka naati.

  • Every parent from rural or semi urban area has only favorite tagline to their kids not doing well in studies- 

    Tum hi ko padhaane patna aaye hain aur tumhara padhna likhna hai ki saadhe baais.’

  • And for everyone from whom their parent and family has lost expectation are given these piece of advice- 

    Padh-likh toh paaoge nahi, Paan ka gumti khol lena/ Bakri chalaoge.

  • For everyone it is either sleep or sonaa.
    -For us it is ‘

    sutt– ‘humlog sutt jaate hain

  • For us every lean thin person is


    ’ and every chubby person is


  • Anything awesome = 

    Garda uda diye !

  • Instruction every kid gets on diwali night before setting cracker to fire.- 

    Patakha Bacha kar rakh dena chath ke liye 😉

  • Every grand ma tip for a good skin- 

    Karua tel ke samne sab body lotion fail.

  • Dumb person = 


  • One and ek has our own personal version.

    Aego:  Aego baat kahaen ?

  • And two (2) is like 

    doo go.

  • Vegetables? Sabzi? – we sometime refer it as 


  • We don’t pardon. We are like –

    AAein/ Hain ?

  • Your version- ‘Ye baat/ wo baat’
  • Our version-  ‘

    Ee baat/ Oo baat


-J Baat