Valmiki Tiger Reserve, a treat to the eyes!
Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Valmiki Tiger Reserve, a treat to the eyes!

Valmiki Tiger Reserve, the only Tiger Reserve in the state is located near the Bihar-Nepal border in West Champaran District. However, along with being a Tiger Reserve, it is also a National Park and a Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to a vast species of animals and is a major tourist enticement.

Valmiki Tiger Reserve is one of the most famous Tourist Places in Bihar. People from all around the state and country visit here. According to a 2018 report, there were a total number of 40 tigers present in the reserve. Above all, it is the 18th Tiger Reserve of the country which consists of numerous kinds of species.


Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Valmiki Nagar also has some major religious and historical places that bring a great attraction to tourists. Moreover, the place has a great historical significance. Inside the Nepal constituency within the Valmiki Nagar, lies the historic Valmiki Ashram surrounded by some beautiful temples. The great epic  “Ramayana” written by Rishi Valmiki was written here. There are some very interesting factors about the place, it is believed to be the birthplace of Luv and Kush, the sons of Lord Ram and his wife Sita.

The climate of Valmikinagar is very pleasant which is very convenient for tourists. It provides a wide range of engaging activities. They provide a space for hiking which attracts visitors. People also enjoy the amazing Tiger Reserve on Safari rides. The Valmiki landscape provides diverse animals such as the Bengal tiger, Indian sloth bear, Indian rhinoceroses, black bear, Indian leopard, buffalo and wild dog and so on.

The state government provides an interesting Tour package which is very pocket friendly as well. The package avails very exciting activities which include hiking, safari rides, boating, night traditional folk show and as such. The entire package includes your traveling, flooding and lodging.

So overall the Valmiki Tiger Reserve is a treat to the eyes and a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts.


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