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‘Together’, directed by Bihar born boy won the best short film award 2022

Patna film director Azad Alam secures best short film award in Ottawa Indian film festival awards 2022, With a pandemic story, we all can relate to. Azad Alam’s latest short film was based on the pandemic situation that was women-centric. His directed film “Together “was also premiered at the annual New York Indian film festival among the 36 other short films.

For networking and promoting local and international talent OIFFA serves as a platform. It is Eastern Canada’s prominent festival and national capital, dedicated to all Indian things and Indian cinema. This festival wants its audience to cultivate not only in cinema but to open up to and it welcomes various Cinemas of the world. In this 5 day showcase the festival host a large number of participating filmmakers who can mingle with the public in that atmosphere with film screenings, Red Carpet, closing night Gala, award ceremonies and special events.

This year the festival takes place entirely online from June 14 to June 18, 2022, in these 5 days of festivals entered around strong competition of contemporary and independent Indian films. The competition passed with 14 features and five short films focusing on stories of India.

As per the name suggested Azad Alam is much like the meaning of his name which is a free spirit. His short film together is all about the COVID-19 situation and the second wave of coronavirus. This film explores the struggle of middle-class families, the class divide and the indomitable human spirit.

The short film is all about the perspective of two women who are from an upper-middle-class family. The role of Rekha was played by Natasha Rastogi who also played her role in made in heaven, gehraiyan, paglet. This film’s story revolves around two women with odd thinking who find themselves stuck under the same roof during the lockdown in the covid situation. Along with Azad Alam Priyanka Singh, a well-known Bollywood filmmaker is the co-writer in this film. Azad in his interview said that “This film is not only based on women but also handled by women on the scene and behind the scenes”. Famous filmmaker Priyanka Singh’s directed film Manu from India won the best film award at loss Angeles Asian Pacific film festival and in the year 2020, this was voted the film of the year by shorted India.

OIFFA 2022 award for the best-featured film was Forbidden, best jury mention went to Nine Hills One Valley.

This Patna boy and Ghazi attack Fame Azad Alam often comes with movies related to women according to him together is a special film as it reflects the truth that we all have lived.

This short film also got a place in NYIFF with other films the first showcased documentaries and short films on burning and thoughtful issues. Which took place from May 7 to 14 and showcased films from India and the Indian diaspora. Talking about his life in Delhi he shares and storytelling that he moved to Delhi for higher education and went to earn a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Delhi University in 2008 he joined film making the Academy of LV Prasad in Chennai.

Director Azad from the Begusarai district of Bihar says that “As a writer and director I am extremely possessive of my lines. It was heartening to see the cheery response from the audience to my film. I am glad I have attempted to create mainstream-style entertainment. It is a very conscious choice.”

While talking about the movie he said that he faced difficulties regarding the covid situation as it was the second  peak of covid 19 when he was filming the movie. He said that he is working on more feature films like this.

Together the short film not only won the award at the ottawa film festival but also premiered in Kolkata IISFF that is the indian international short film festival, Mumbai International Film Festival and Indian film festival of South Asia, International Film Festival of South Asia .

Asking about the reason behind naming his short film together he said that “together has to do with how we survived during that critical time where everyone was facing the same thing and everyone was going through the same situation, and the story is all about that Frightened time.

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