Lhasa Market

To Warm The Winter Gale, Lhasa Market Brings Variety To You

Lhasa Market

With the slightest knock of cold, the hot clothing market in the city is starting to shine. The Lhasa market, known for its warm clothes, is a must-see for shoppers. Every year Tibetan refugees decorate their shop vibrantly. The cold has just started, the hubbub of the buyers could be seen already. Tibetans have marketed with the trend this time. This time, stylish clothes can be seen a lot. Sellers say that the crowd is less now, the number of buyers may increase after the cold increases.

The Lhasa Market, which lasts for about three months, employs Tibetan refugees as well as local youth. In it, a large number of stalls can be seen with people of Tibetan origin, as well as local youths. These youths live here with them for two months, most of them from Patna and Bodh Gaya, who work at these stalls to show and sell clothes to customers.
Every year, there is a rush of people in Lhasa Market, who are looking for stylish winter clothes.
This year due to the pandemic, the market is not crowded like before. However, the market remains vibrant and is well prepared as customers will not get entry without a mask. No fee will be charged from the customers for admission. Thermal screening has been arranged at the entrance.
Lhasa Market

In view of corona infection, fewer stalls have been installed this time. Last year there were 250 stalls, so this time 150 stalls have been made. Customers must follow physical distance during shopping.
This year, you will find a good collection of warm clothing that includes men’s jackets, warm sheets, full sweaters, mufflers, hats, trousers, blankets, scarves, gloves, etc. There are many types of dresses including Kashmiri shawls, jackets, designer sweaters, children’s sweaters, half sweaters, jackets, hats. Along with the wide range of clothing, you will also find food stalls with yummy delicacies like pizza, chaat, dosa, and noodles which are prepared in hygienic conditions with proper sanitization.
Sellers say the crowd is comparatively less this year, however, the collection of woolen clothing remains top-notch.

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