To make Patna eco-friendly soon Patnaites can rent cycles for just ₹2 per hour

When it comes to air pollution, Patna ranks among the most polluted cities in India. The Air Quality Index or AQI of the city is really poor and it causes various breathing problems and diseases among the citizen. It is high time that the administration should take major steps in curbing this issue. Patna Municipal Corporation seems to be initiating a unique service which would encourage eco-friendly lifestyle among citizens. Patnaites will soon get the service of renting cycles at ₹2 per hour for a daily commute.

In recent days, Patna Municipal Corporation has come up with different new schemes and projects to tackle the alarming problems of pollution, traffic, littering, etc. They have also consistently made an effort to improve the sanitation, cleanliness as well as the beauty of the city.

With the same motive, PMC has decided to provide eco-friendly bicycles at just ₹1-2/hour to the citizen of Patna for daily transportation. To implement that, there would be 14 hi-tech stands at different locations all around Patna, where you can rent as well as return the product. The proposal was initially made by S.G.L. Line Innovation Ltd. to which PMC gave their approval. S.G.L. Line Innovation Ltd. will execute this project under its Corporate Social Responsibility.

An app will be launched, where people can enroll for the membership of this service. Once they get registered, they can go to the nearest stand and rent bicycles. They will be charged at ₹1-2/hour. A total of 10 bicycles will be kept at each stand, which will be digitally locked. The renter can go to the stand and scan the QR code available on the bicycle. It will unlock the bicycle on the borrower’s name after which he or she can take the bicycle. Once the work is done, you can use the same app to return it. Just go to the nearest point and end your journey. The project is estimated to be launched and executed in the next month.


To reduce pollution and encourage eco friendly lifestyle, citizens of Patna will soon get the facility of renting cycles…

Posted by City of Patna – PMC on Sunday, February 17, 2019

S.G.L. Line Innovation Ltd. director Krishna said that,

“Bicycles would be charged ₹1 or 2 per hour. People have to take membership before being able to rent a bicycle. It can only be possible with the help of the app. Members will also have to deposit some amount as security money at the time of registration. Membership will be of two types; direct and referral.”

 These numerous location has been selected for hi-tech stand; near Gyan Bhavan, Maurya Hotel, S.K. Memorial Hall, R.B.I bank, Bihar Museum, Patna Zoo gate no 2, Urja Stadium, Green park officer flats, S.K Puri children park, Eco Park gate no 1, 2, and 3 as well as two other locations in Bailey road.

 It is being expected that a step like this will work effectively in reducing the use of motor vehicles in the city and consequently will lead to a reduction in air pollution. It will also make people conscious and aware of the hazardous problem. Apart from that, it will also encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Let’s welcome this great step and say no to motor vehicles.

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