To Be Young, Fearless, Bold And Strong: Nalanda Girl Sets a Record
nalanda girl

To Be Young, Fearless, Bold And Strong: Nalanda Girl Sets Record

nalanda girl

Nalanda girl has enlightened Nalanda’s name by making a record of mountaineering. Arpana, an inhabitant of Meghi, a town close to the old Nalanda University and Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall. 20-year-old Arpana has established a national record by raising the national flag on the highest peak of Kedarkanth. She is the first girl of Nalanda to raise the flag on the highest point of Kedarkanth.  She arrived at the highest point of Kedarkanth on December 30, going around 20 km, crossing the cool, snow-covered mountain course that covered the chilly, chilly, shuddering of pre-winter and Paush month. 

She lifted the flag there and made this accomplishment in his name. The stature of the Kedarkanth top is around 12,500 feet from the level of the land. Nalanda is indeed pleased with its prosperity.  She plans to enlighten the names of Nalanda and Bihar by lifting the flag on Mount Everest. After the dad’s demise, mother Geeta Kumari has investigated every possibility in her schooling. 

Educated and instructed the little girl a ton. Arpana is promising, enthusiastic, and energetic since her youth. It is said that she needs to enlighten the name of Nalanda not just of her mom, self dad and sibling family yet in addition in the nation and the world. Arpana has been engaged in numerous national-level game competitions. She has made a record of winning the gold decoration at the national-level in karate. 

She has been the hero of Magadha University, Bodh Gaya in the Kho-Kho rivalry. She has made progress in many state-level rivalries. At the youthful age of 20, she has won in excess of 50 decorations. 

Mata Geeta Kumari is extremely content with this accomplishment of her dear girl, sibling Vikram Patel, and cousin Rakesh Raj.  They are feeling glad. Relatives need his trip to have wings. Kedarnath is in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi locale of Uttarakhand. Its stature is 12 and a half thousand feet. This whole track is around 20 kilometers. She currently wants to vanquish Mount Everest of the Himalayas, the world’s most noteworthy pinnacle. She needs to seek after a profession in games. 

By turning into a national-level player, she needs to light up the name of the country including Nalanda and Bihar. But the family’s monetary condition isn’t acceptable to it now.

Accordingly, she can’t take the national and worldwide levels of preparation. The requirement for social and legislative collaboration is felt to accomplish Arpana.

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