This Village from Bihar reformed wasteland into an Oasis

Once devastated by recurring floods and drought, the village of Bihar has been recognized nationally for its green rising expanse. This Village was also given the ‘Panchayat empowerment Award’ as an appreciation for its reforestation efforts. Yes, you heard it right, Bihar’s Harpur Bochacha village of Samastipur is a standout example of how community participation can bring a positive change.

At present more than 200000 acres of rainforest are burned everyday. That is more than 150 acres lost every minute of everyday, and much more is severely threatened as destruction continues. On other hand, this village proved that milestones can be achieved by taking first step. Harpur Bochacha today boasts of over 17000 trees and dozens of ponds and has been shortlisted for the ‘National Green Panchayat Award’.

Trees provides the villagers an extra income, fish and poultry farming has also been initiated on 10 acres of waste land to supplement it and because of it the village’s income per person has increased from Rs. 552 to 1664 now . Also the literacy among the village’s 11500 population has risen from 46 percent in 2001 to 65 percent. Prem Shankar Singh working as the head of the Panchayat is the man behind this wonderful transformation.

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The village had been losing its trees very fast during to recurring floods and drought. In 2001, it was hard to cultivate as the village turned into a waste land. Under the leadership of Prem Shankar Singh- the Panchayat Head since 2001, three large ponds were dug to supply water to 3,000 acres of land. Next a 3 km-long canal was constructed to get water to the fields. The efforts showed good results fruit and the land gradually revived.

Village was given the ‘Panchayat Empowerment award’ as an appreciation for its deforestation efforts. The efforts by the village clearly say that it is not just the duty of government to bring change, public participation is essential for development. Every big drastic change can be brought by taking small steps and this village is a live example of it.

Image Source- Odisha Tv

Written by Raj Kamal

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