This satirical video will make every Bihari love their mother tongue

If you are planning to go out of Bihar or already staying away then do watch this short film by Nitin Chandra. This might help you shed your uneasiness of speaking your mother tongue. This satirical video is a lesson for all those who feel embarrassed because of their native language. Nitin Chandra, a director from Bihar, who is known for his efforts to preserve and promote the languages of Bihar, has come up to your rescue with his new mantra.

Nitin Chandra has dealt sarcastically with the issue which has forced many Biharis to change for the sake of modernity and feel embarrassed to speak their own mother tongue. The entire nation is enjoying their regional languages unlike Biharis who consider it to be a matter of shame. If we ourselves don’t understand the importance of our culture and language then it’s difficult to explain others about its importance and expect respect from them. We cannot eat Pizza daily, same way we cannot speak other languages daily. At the end we can find comfort in our language only. Language is a tool to express feelings and emotions and one can emote it best in their own language.

Following the trend, the moment one leaves Bihar and goes to other state, they confidently switch over to other language so as to hide their identity to avoid embarrassment. Instead of hiding it we should flaunt it. Once they might be ridiculed for it but after a time it it will be inculcated in society. Bengalis, Punjabis, Marathis, Gujratis etc. take pride in their language and we Biharis should also take pride in our language only. Instead of appreciating other states language and culture we can improve our attitude towards our shortcomings. This video will help you understand and realize the importance of your soil in an entertaining way. It is only us who can spread our history and laureals to the nation and force them to think about Bihar beyond crime and politics. These type of videos are a great contribution towards raising the image of people of Bihar, and take pride to be original.

P.S- Be yourself, don’t change for the sake of changing.

Watch the video below

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