This officer of Bihar known as 'Sparrow Man of Bihar'

This officer of Bihar went out on a campaign to save sparrows, Now known as ‘Sparrow Man of Bihar’


Recently, the sparrow species called Passer domesticus have started facing extinction all over the country. Growing noise and air pollution have caused a lot of damage to the species. To overcome this situation and to protect the bird species, ‘Sparrow Man’ inspires people to save the birds.

Sanjay Kumar, a 52-year-old Indian Information Services (IIS) Officer from Patna, has dedicated his life to save and protect sparrows in the state. His concern for them is natural since the sparrow is the state bird. His motto is “Save the Sparrow, Save the Environment”. He talks, calls them over, and plays with the sparrows. He invites the birds in large flocks for their meal. He puts water and bird seeds around his house. It seems as if his life begins and ends in his selfless service for sparrows and other birds too. He feels a sense of togetherness and has a deep connection with the birds through the expression of love and care. He interacts with them in the language of love. He is surely a bird lover.

He hangs bundles of paddy on railings and trees and his neighbors help him in getting enough amount of grains for the hungry birds. He keeps biscuits, grains and chocolates on his balcony, outside his house, near the trees and in the nests so that he can feed the birds well. His day begins with filling and placing water pots and putting seeds in nests. The birds sing and vocalize collectively when they see him in the morning. He likes feeding them and feels joy in serving the birds. He also carries an SLR camera when he is around his little friends. He captures them doing all sorts of activities like flying, fighting, chirping and cavorting.

His service began in the summer of the year 2007 when a sparrow entered his kitchen in the search of water. He placed a pot of water to help the little bird. The bird drank the water and then left. Since that day, he decided to serve the birds and save them.

Sanjay Singh is the assistant director of the Press Information Bureau, Patna. He saves some amount of money from his income for the preservation of the birds. He organizes events, webinars, and exhibitions on a daily basis to educate and make people conscious about the need for conserving birds. Few youths from Patna got inspired by his different events on the conservation of birds and put up nests and water pots in and around their localities. Till now, 2000 people from across the country have joined him in his notable mission.

His relentless efforts to save the bird have recently been recognized by Niraj Singh Bablu, Forest Minister and Sushil Kumar Modi, former Deputy Chief Minister. He has been rewarded for the same. He is doing every bit that he can and we should do it too!

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