This Muslim couple from Bihar did their Nikah in a Shiva temple.

Nothing that love cannot conquer.

It is rightly said, “There is only one religion: the religion of love.

This quote was transformed into a live example recently at a village in Bihar. While there is an atmosphere of communal violence nationwide, Mohammed Sohan (25) and Nuresha Khatun (both Muslims) did their Nikah in a Shiva temple at Bhimnagar village of Supaul district in northeast Bihar bordering Nepal.

Mohammed Sohan and NureshaKhatun,  both of whom  are natives of Bhimnagar village were in love with each other  for over  five years but due to societal pressure they had to  elope to Delhi during  Dussehra this year, only to return to their village on Friday.

The villagers thereafter held a Panchayat which was attended by members of both the communities. The local Pachayat concluded by unanimously agreeing to get the pair married and to get them tied in a holy union in a Shiva temple over the weekend.

The decision was taken to make people realise that one thing which always wins is love.

Representaional Photo by : Tauseef S

This is what the local Panchayat head Sudhir Kumar Singh, who presided over the couple’s hearing had to say about the couple’s union as reported by the Hindustan Times, “It’s a nikah that was solemnised at the verandah of Shiva temple. We hope this will send a strong message to those who are spreading hatred among communities in the world.”Maulavi Mohammed Jaffar, who conducted the nikah said that “it was really wonderful to see a nikah being conducted in a temple. He further said that ‘this decision was taken to make people realize that love always triumphs’.

Hundreds of people from both the communities attended the nikah. The couple is really happy because their love has finally won.

Meanwhile, the newly married and much-in-love couple have decided to celebrate all their anniversaries in the Shiva temple.

All pictures used are for representational purposes. (Cover Photo by : Tauseef S)

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