For a city based on the banks of the Ganges, Bihar’s Bhagalpur produces an attire that is exemplary and worldwide famous: Bhagalpuri Sarees. Crafted with the Queen of Fabrics, Bhagapuri silk, these sarees were once appreciated and recognized by the Mughals for their magnificent texture. This silk, also known as Tussar silk is woven by skilled craftsmen who employ their mastery to weave these Bhagalpuri sarees that exude a perfect blend of looks, quality and resilience.

Sarees for women doesn’t need any introduction. It is the attire of the ethnic origin that is treasured and cherished by women of the Orient. Sarees are considered an integral part of their ethos and identities, as they believe that nothing can flatter their femininity as these 9yards can. And these Bhagalpur Sarees are a perfect choice for them, as it is charmingly polished and has a mellow golden-hued appearance. The soft material of Bhagalpuri silk is pliable and flows like a stream.

These luxurious and classic appealing sarees have made a niche in the minds of women globally. The city of Bhagalpur is currently bestowed with over 35 thousand skilled craftsmen and 25 thousand looms, which makes it one of the prime cities that produce premium quality silk sarees in India. Here are a few reasons why you should surely try draping one of these charming sarees that exhibits the pure soul of Bhagalpur:

● Bhagalpuri silks are made from one of the finest silk threads in India whose texture appears sophisticated yet vibrant and plush.
● Bhagalpuri silks are comfortable and can be worn in all weather in tropical countries.
● The designs that are printed or woven on the bhagalpuri silks, speaks of the golden time of the Mughal era when artworks were revered and beauty was lauded.
● Also, there is an array of bhagalpuri sarees to choose from. Varieties like giccha, eri, katia and mulberry are ready to be yours whenever you desire.

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