This girl from Patna has a unique way of promoting Bihar Tourism
Rajni Ranjan, NailArt, PatnaBeats, Bihar, Nail Art, Bihar Tourism

This girl from Patna has a unique way of promoting Bihar Tourism

Rajni Ranjan, NailArt, PatnaBeats, Bihar, Nail Art Bihar


We often see monuments and places of attraction in pictures, paintings or even drawings, but our young artist has got them all on her “fingertips”. Rajni Ranjan from Patna has a quirky edge for nail art as she reflects the beauty of her city in them. She is just another girl who loves pretty things. Since there are no rules to beauty aids, she came up with the idea of painting nails that feature Bihar coz why not!?

Nail art is something really tough to ace with all the minute details, says Rajni as she mentioned her five years of experience in the same. She’s been self taught and has now gained a flair for it. Initially she used to paint her friend’s fingernails in college as a hobby. She has an assorted collection of nail paints, all dark and light shades, tones and hues to get the perfect picture. The first time she ever replicated an architecture on her nails was the Kargil Chowk. She took a picture and got stuck with a dilemma whether to upload it or not but eventually she did and had no regrets. The image spread like wild fire and viewers loved her work. Paid by a great deal of appreciation, she had made her mind to proceed with it more creatively. That’s when she began replicating other monuments and places. Besides these, she’s doing her best to promote Bihari culture and festivals. Some of her work even includes the map of Bihar another showcases the beauty of Mithila paintings and many more. She’s all updated with the landmarks and events occurring around the city so why not paint them on your nails to look fun and beautiful! 

“I am greatly admired by my friends and followers for what I do. It rejoices me and motivates me to come up with more ideas”, Rajni. She is active on her social media pages and is often seen uploading her creativity. “She has got a knack for nail art and I often await her next artwork. This is something very unique that she does and I’m sure, like me, all her followers drool over her nail paintings”, says one of her Instagram followers.

Apparently she is pursuing cosmetology course and looking forward to get a job in this field. Just a pointer, Rajni has a vast creative interest that include painting, sketching, shopping and gardening. 

Rajni’s talent is totally out of the box. Her skills are applaudable and every Bihari must be proud of the emerging aptitude we get to hear everyday. We must encourage and share such expertise to provide reach to their budding brilliance.


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