This differently abled artist is creating masterpiece from scraps
Vinita rai

This differently abled artist is creating masterpiece from scraps

“Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, if you have a deep driving persistent desire,” the words of Debasish Mridha perfectly narrates the life journey of artist Ms. Vinita Rai.

A 39-year-old artist from Bihar, born with 100% sensorineural deafness (permanent hearing loss) is using art as a medium to express her emotions. Currently she is undergoing speech therapy as loss of hearing led to impaired speech. But this hasn’t come in her way. She may be deaf, but her art speaks volumes. 

“I am passionate about art. I have no formal education in arts. I have been in love with colours since my childhood. My artwork is an expression of my inner self. For me, art is a therapy, which brings inner peace. It is like music to my ears,” said Vinita Rai to PatnaBeats.

She got married in the year 2007 with Baliram Rai, who is a businessman. She has two school going daughters Lavanya and Samriddhi.

“Our father observed that she has an artistic inclination. She was hardly 6 or 7 years of age when she started painting. She has studied till 3rd grade. As soon as Vinita’s mind started engrossed in the painting, her fingers started moving on the canvas like a great artist,” said Ms. Amrita (younger sister of Vinita).

Artist Vinita Rai

“Without any formal education in arts, her self-taught talent is grabbing a lot of attention on social media. With specialisation in Madhubani Painting, she’s also a master in Oil Painting, Portrait and Sketches,” she added.

“Last year we lost our father to malignancy (brain cancer) and spiralled her into depression. She was emotionally attached to him. It was lockdown when her daughters motivated her to launch a YouTube channel named Kalakari with Vinita,” She said to PatnaBeats. When her daughters noticed that her mother Vinita is getting appreciation, she moved to social media. Her Social Media accounts are managed by her daughters.

Vinita Rai

In this 21st century, when society still looks at disability through a very different lens, Vinita is inspiring others and her work is astonishing people with touching the life of others. She is turning household waste into exquisite wall plates, wall hangings, jewellery boxes, coaster sets, and much more. Her wall paintings and face masks are more in demand. Recently, her alluringly painted mask shipped to Ahmedabad and Bengaluru as well as topically. Her house is fully decorated with her handmade paintings and crafts which amazed everyone.

Felicitated by the District Magistrate of Buxar to receiving certificate at state and national level, she is living her passion. 

“She has invested a lot into this but did not get much return. Everyone wants to get financially independent. She is a talented girl. Since childhood, she wanted to do something extraordinary but by the time she realised that the picture is not so rosy despite hard work. There are many more challenges to face. But when she got recognition on social media, we along with her are hoping that at least she will be self dependent,” Amrita said.

She wants an independent living and a sustainable future. Struggling with society, paving her way against all odds, devoting her life to art and somehow managing to make a living, she is smashing all the stereotypes about who can be labelled an ‘artist’. She is proving the saying – For art to leave a mark, talent is a prerequisite. But talent is not something only the ‘abled’ can claim to.

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