The founders Kshitiz and Vatsala.

This Bihari Couple is Empowering Girls to Change the Face of Education

The founders Kshitiz and Vatsala.
The founders Kshitiz and Vatsala.

“In the world of educated beings, only an intellectual stands out. Such is the power of quality education over mere education.” -Vaishnavi Singh, student; Christ University.

This is what Happy Horizons Trust (HHT) which is a registered non-profit organisation believes in and is working in the same direction tirelessly. It was founded on the basic idea to improve the quality of education in schools across the nation overcome any issues between students, instructors and guardians. It has been in operations since early 2012, and was formally registered as a Trust on 30 March 2013.
Happy Horizons TrustTalking about their working conditions Happy Horizons Trust has been working in the flood prone Kosi area of Bihar. Historically once a breeding ground for Polio in India, it’s a place for other well-being challenges like lack of healthy sustenance and high new-born child mortality.Having a very low literacy rate and an area very famous for child marriages it is not uncommon for ladies to become grandmothers at the age of 40 start looking towards their third generation. Practically every family unit has somebody living outside the state looking for vocation, but very little open doors for nearby work exists. In addition to this, the state has had a background marked by awful lawfulness because of commonwealth that is driven by rank based legislative issues. When you set up these together, you get a social texture that is gigantically confounded to work with. The circumstance is not very extraordinary the nation over, including ghetto residences in the urban areas.

While they have around 98% enrollment in elementary schools, an absence of inspiration and intrigue is a noteworthy factor in a low nature of instruction.

Happy Horizons Trust Happy Horizons TrustThe organization’s major focus has been to utilize elective learning instruments and techniques as an intercession to the current educational system to enhance the nature of instruction by giving all-encompassing training to the children. They utilize strategies situated in participatory getting the hang of, narrating, learning by doing, basic thinking, group engagement, peer learning, recordings and innovation, perusing and composing exercises. The fleeting change is in this manner to upgrade understudy inspirations and long haul is to guarantee that the kids have a managed enthusiasm for a drawn out stretch of time. These sessions are engaged by experts and young enthusiastic ladies who are well trained in child psychology, learning techniques, teaching method, outline considering, youngster engagement, classroom administration systems and utilization of innovation.

The challenge in working in rural India is to convince all the different stakeholders. Changing mindsets is what we are up against. It will take time, but with a lot of efforts from people and organizations things will change positively. We want to make our champions to become employable over the years. When there is economic empowerment, the families change their perception towards education. ” – says Vatsala

Until now, as an organization they have enabled 16 female young people in the Kosi locale and have an effort of more than 30,000 understudies crosswise over 6 unique areas of Bihar.


Happy Horizons TrustHappy Horizons Trust has also taken initiative to collaborate with different NGO’s across country and start reflecting their work across nation. Currently they are in partnership with Teach for India for its Youth Leadership Development Program, featured in the Teach for India X fellowship. Managing Trustee Kshitiz Anand is selected as a TFIx fellow. Over the year 2017-2018, Teach for India will provide mentoring to HHT.


They are also in a collaboration with Pratham Books for its reading programs, to enhance the reading levels of students in schools. HHT is also a grantee of the Library-in-a classroom kit program, that is distributed in schools in rural Bihar.


Children’s Film Society India (CFSI) and the organization are in alliance for its Learning through Videos project. Films made by CFSI are screened across schools in Bihar and discussions on the films are facilitated.

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