This couple from Muzaffarpur has launched a crusade against dowry

The dowry system is a curse for the society. This deep rooted system has made the condition of women measurable. Unless this system is abolished, the society can make no progress.

People often refer to this quote but very few of them walk the talk. Mohammad Imteyaz is among the few who has pledged to make the society from the clutches of this evil in his limited capacity.

Imteyaz, a resident of Chandwara in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, is leading a movement against this social evil. Accompained with his wife Nikhat Ahmad, he goes door-to-door to make people aware of the impact of this curse on the society.

The couple enlighten people that “a girl is a boon, not a curse”. The husband-wife duo has has achieved success by making 13 unmarried couples of different religions, to tie knots without dowry in the past 13 months of their movement.

Once the parents get ready to marry their children without asking for cash and other valuables from bride groom families, the couple encourage them to put up a poster on the stage calling for a complete boycott of dowry.

The marriage ceremonies of Muslim couples are solemnised in mosques and Imteyaz – who has done masters in Persian from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi – gives a sermon before ‘nikah’ against the dowry system.

In addition, the duo also encourages both Hindu and Muslim parents to give a disclaimer on the wedding invitation card that “no gift in any form will be accepted”.

“female fetuses are killed every year because of this social evil. It must stop and people like us have to come forward to fight this social evil,” said Imteyaz.

The marriages the couple organise do not offer dinner or lunch and the girls are sent to their in-laws places without anything as dowry.


Source: MuslimMirror

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