This cafe in Patna is adding more tastes in vegetarian platter

Cafe culture in Patna has been blooming every month, adding a new place in the list. The Boring Road area of Patna has already been flooded with numerous cafes and food courts. Youth these days have better options to meet over a coffee or snacks. But when we have options, we go for the one that suits us in every way. Adding to the list, we bring you a student pocket-friendly cafe with a vibrant ambience and vegetarian menu which will surely make you find better options in Veg -platter.

Dhaba Cafe, the first thing that hits your mind is the name which gives you a flavour of Dhaba in a cafe. The location adds more benefit to this cafe; Dhaba CAFE is situated on the first floor of the Hira Palace, Fraser Road. Using recycled items like old scooters, buckets, tyres, bicycles, old bottles and used bulbs, this cafe has been decorated with a cosy and bright atmosphere. A space for music performers is also set in this small ambience. A bunch of college students or an official meet up can be the best inside Dhaba Cafe.

Coming to the menu section, Dhaba Cafe is a vegetarian cafe with varieties of flavours of street food and snacks. Starting from bread pakoda, sandwiches, desi nashta, Veg kebabs, Katori chaat, stuffed puri, variety of french fries, Pani puri with different tastes of paani, Chinese, Indo Chinese, Maggie twist with unique experimented tastes, Dhaba special pizzas and Soya chaap, the menu is broadened with good list of beverages too.

Once you start reading the menu, you will find the names mouth-watering. The best part is the cheap rate, which will make you try more of the dishes on the menu.


“I am a vegetarian, and Patna is still missing a good variety of foods in veg. Dhaba Cafe is here to fill this gap. We have designed this for students, who could get street tastes in a cafe. The must-try food here is Soya Chaap, Katori chat, Cigarette dosa and Maggie Paazta.”, says Chetan, the owner of Dhaba Cafe. He added, ” We used recycled materials to enhance the interiors of the cafe. Even a corner has been set up to support the open mic culture of the town.”

Rahul, the regular visitor of Dhaba Cafe says, ” I visit this cafe frequently and I find this place easy to visit because of its location. It is best for vegetarians and at pocket-friendly rates you can find good and tasty food items.”

Dhaba Cafe reads’ All Kind of Street Food Under One Roof’. With a neon smoking room, maintaining hygiene, some live music weekend and using the traditional utensils as a food serving containers, Dhaba Cafe also brings an Unlimited Offer of ordering unlimited food for 2 hours. PatnaBeats suggests you visit this Dhaba flavoured Cafe and blend yourself with the vegetarian tastes.

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