This Bihari Couple Travels through the Country to Infuse Colors in People’s Life

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Meet the inspiring couple that hails from Bihar, based in Delhi and travels around India on a bike and spreads love by painting walls. No, this is not just another story about a couple travelling and having the time of their lives. Meenakshi and Jey’s journey is a lot more than that. They travel across the country for a very important mission. The duo spreads joy and happiness to people through their art and paintings. They have another companion in their journey- Hari Bhari and Kesariya their beloved green 350cc and 500cc Royal Enfield. On it, they have travelled across 17 different Indian states and met people from different walks of life. From prisons to schools, they have been everywhere to encourage people to bring out the hidden artists in them. Because when one paints, the mind focuses on the canvas and the worries are brushed away with each stroke that one makes.

Jey 1 (5)Artologue’s 5 years journey has been incredible and this brilliant initiative has turned into an inspiring project. In Ghaziabad’s Dasna jail, they have left behind figures of dancing men and women. A huge ship is sailing against rough waters on a 30*15ft wall in Khetri in Rajasthan. Colourful masks adorn walls of a school in Uttarakhand.

In the last 5 years, Meenakshi and Jey Sushil have travelled across India, from Ranchi to Goa and Kashmir to Chennai. The purpose of the unending journey is to splash colours on walls, with the involvement of the local communities. In an open exhibition at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi, 2015, chronicled their adventures with photographs that document their artwork.Jey 1 (2) Jey 1 (3)

Lately, the couple have started their new project, I-IN-TOGETHERNESS, an online project of 52 photos in 52 weeks, to understand the journey of a couple together and as individuals.

“The basic thought behind this project is to acknowledge each other’s thoughts, choices and try to find a way out to overcome the differences and establish better understanding for a healthier relationship,”says Meenakshi Jey.

jeyAccording to her, no two individuals are the same and it takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to spend your entire life with a completely different person after marriage. The couple started this project to entertain people as well as to give the message that every couple has differences. An artist couple like them is no different than any other couple. The only difference lies in their perception of life and their style of tackling difficult situations. Through this project, the couple intends to attract masses and make them realise that they should try to find a way out and try to keep their problems on the superficial level rather than taking it to the grassroot level. They started by portraying their choices, their individual opinions and perspectives through pictures. They even paint their faces in order to depict their emotions in a better and enhanced way. While Meenakshi is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva while Sushil bestows his faith in Lord Hanuman and both of them believe that as individuals, they carry the attributes of their Gods.

The couple seems very lively but at their minds and hearts, both of them prefer peace and calmness. They tend to seek solace in creativity.jey

“I prefer to stay at home and derive pleasure in the cacophony of birds and animals rather than going out and losing my peace of mind in the boisterous hustle and bustle of the city. Even Sushil creates his own personal space by plugging in his earphones and isolating himself in a chaotic surrounding when he needs peace and composure,”says Meenakshi Jey.

On being asked about her opinion on Bihar being based in Delhi, Meenakshi said that she has been to 17 different states but she never came across a state as diverse as Bihar.

“I would always be a proud Bihari and would love to bring Bihar’s ethnicity and culture to the fore through our works,”said an enthusiastic Meenakshi Jey.

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Lastly, the message that she gave for all Biharis is that they should follow their hearts and continue striving for what they want till they achieve it because perseverance and honesty are one of the prime attributes of all Biharis.

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Quote of the day:“There is only one thing that matters in art-to express one's individuality.” 
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