Swaaddesh, the delicious blend of Bihar and food, is a restaurant you must visit

You must have seen so many theme-based restaurants, based on different regions and states like Punjabi, Rajasthani, South Indian and others. But it is very rare that you spot a restaurant whose theme is entirely based on Bihar. A proper Bihari restaurant is a rare sight to witness. We have found a similar locale for you. “Swaaddesh” is a Bihar-themed restaurant located in the heart of Patna, Boring Road. I know some of you must be wondering over the pronunciation that whether it is Swaad Desh (country of taste) or it is Swadesh (Home or one’s own country). Well, you can pronounce whatever you feel like, the restaurant is okay with both.

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter into the restaurant is the casual Bihari-ness in the ambiance. Whether you look at the waiters or the decor, everything will instantly take you to your Bihari village. The furniture and the walls are decorated intentionally to show off the Bihari pride, our state inhibits.

The waiters, you’d see, will be dressed in ethnic clothes, which is a rare thing to see these days. You’ll see wall paintings which exhibit a desi Bihari vibe to the customers. One of the walls of the restaurant has a three-dimensional map of Bihar where you can find every district indicated and they are connected to the special thing they are known for with a thread. For instance, you’d find a piece of Bhagalpuri silk attached to the wall and connected to the Bhagalpur district in the map. Each and every district is connected with what it is known for, which not only looks good but also makes people aware of the diversity that Bihar has. Then you’d find Desi mocktail counter which fits perfectly with the ambience. Khats with pillows are placed behind the mocktail counter to complete the Desi feel of the place.

As it is a Bihar themed restaurant, every detail is taken care of. Like you’d see spoke wheels of cycle fixed with the bulbs and all. Started two and a half years ago, it is one of the first few theme-based restaurants Bihar had.

“The idea of ‘Swaaddesh’ struck while we were touring metropolitan towns like Delhi, Mumbai etc. I saw a lot of themed eatery places which were based on regions. Among them, Punjabi and Rajasthani themed restaurants dominated the market. We thought why no one ever picks Bihar as their theme that depicts the state in a great manner. At that point, ‘Swaaddesh’ got into existence”  

said Abhishek Parmar, the owner of the restaurant.

Non Veg Platter
Chicken Shanghai

Coming to the food, it is as delicious as it could be. The menu has around four hundred dishes, and you’d find different vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in it. The touch of Bihari theme can also be seen in the menu itself as the menu is designed to tell the customers about the different district and their specialties.

Murg Dehat Se

Murg Musallam, Murg Dehat Se, Murg Rara, Fish Fingers and Fish Tikka are the dishes which always stays in high demand by customers. Other than that, Mutton Rogan Josh and Mutton Dehat Se are one of the mouth-watering specialty of Swaaddesh restaurant. It also offers a great range of Chinese cuisines like Chicken 65, Paneer 65, Chicken Shanghai, Tandoori Chilli Chicken and others. The array of vegetarian dishes in Swaaddesh restaurant is really very good as it offers various kind of Kebabs and Tikkas in starters and for the main course you have all the options to choose from the long list of vegetarian dishes in the menu. Tandoor Paneer Chilli is the most favoured Chinese dish in the vegetarian section. Other than that all kinds of vegetables and paneer dishes are included in the menu.

Murg Palak Kabab


Blue Hawaiian

The mocktails of Swaddesh are equally popular among customers as it offers a varied range from Green apple, Litchi flavour to Paan flavour mocktail, at a very reasonable price. The moment you’ll take a seat in restaurant, you’ll be welcomed by a Jaljeera drink.  Along with offering all kinds of mocktails, ‘Swaaddesh’ has maintained its Bihariness by including Sattu as a drink in their menu. The separate drinks counter will give you a vibe of a high-end mocktail counter settled in a village.

Murg Musallam

The restaurant also has a lounge area where you can enjoy your private parties and celebrations like Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other gatherings. You can book the lounge by paying a minimum price for 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can also select your special menu for parties. The restaurant has three options, Veg, Chicken, and Mutton.

Swaaddesh restaurant is a blend of taste, varieties and style and is a must go to witnessing its Bihari theme. It is located near the check post, at Boring Road, Patna. You can order your food to get home delivered just by calling on 0612 257 5777 / 77590 50327, or you can also do the ordering on Zomato.


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