These pictures of Kashish Waterfall will astonish you
Kashish Waterfall

These pictures of Kashish Waterfall will astonish you

Among many unexplored sites from the state, some waterfalls are also in the list. Let us know about a waterfall of Rohtas with the inputs of two young photographers from Patna, Ashish Kaushik and Rishi Raj.
170 km far from the capital city Patna, in Amjhore of Rohtas district of Bihar, a beautiful and mesmerizing waterfall is located namely, Kashish Waterfall. It is about 5 hrs drive from Patna Junction

According to a mention in the written document, Ain-i- Akbari (administration of Akbar), more than 200 waterfalls appear in Bihar in the rainy season and Kashish is one among them. Court historian of Mughal Emperor Akbar, Abu’l Fazl wrote this book in the Persian language.

Kashish Waterfall
The height of the waterfall is approximately 800 feet and as per the locals, one can witness 4 waterfalls falling from the mountain in three directions. Aristotle said it right when he quoted “In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.” The beauty of the site is just beyond imagination and narrates the nature’s tale of fairyland.

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Enjoying the dusk emerging from the day undoubtedly gives a heavenly feeling. The clouds full of drawing kind of sun rays entwine with the smoky horizon and peep out of the creek with a tranquil smile.

Kashish waterfalls, Bihar
Sulphur water lagoons are formed near the waterfall and bathing in the same could be very benignant for the health.
A factory of BPCL was situated in that area that once carried the work of sulphur mining. It was close down after the partition of Bihar –Jharkhand. It is a tough task to reach the destination without local support. Wild animals of many species are an inhabitant of that area, thus one needs to have good knowledge of the place and must take proper precautions while visiting the waterfall.

Kashish waterfalls, Bihar

Kashish waterfalls, Bihar

Local people of that area are very supportive and the Mukhiya of that village has also built a kind of shed near the waterfall so that one can enjoy a picnic over there.

The Kashish waterfall is among the unexplored places of Bihar for the people of the state and the 2county and we want our readers to look at the beauty of this place through the lenses of these two photographers who want to explore ‘Unexplored’.

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