These are the top 10 places and their tales of Rohtas

These are the top 10 places and their tales of Rohtas

  1. Tombs of Rohtas

  2. Many historians have described Sasaram as the city of tombs due to the high number of tombs in this District such as the Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, Tomb of Hasan Sur Khan, Tomb of Alawal Khan, Tomb of Salim Shah Suri, Tomb of Syed Meer Hassan, Tomb of Malik Vishal and many more.
  3. Forts of Rohtas
    Rohtas have always been a stronghold for many kings and clans. The land has served many kings from Ancient India to British India, therefore one can find many forts in the District such as Rohtasgarh fort, Shergarh Fort, and Hassan Khan fort sadly some of the forts have been demolished over time.
  4. Temples of Rohtas
    Officially Rohtas is just 50 years old but the evidence of the existence of this palace can be found in many folk tales, holy books, and mythological stories these are the reasons the whole district is full of temples of all periods such as Tara Chandi temple, Chaurasan Temple, Bhaluni Bhawani, Ganesh Temple and many more.
  5. Waterfalls of Rohtas
    In the famous book Ain-i-Akhbari there is mention of the waterfalls of Rohtas “In the rainy season lakes are formed, and more than two hundred waterfalls gladden the eye and ear. The climate is remarkably healthy.”
    Some famous waterfalls are Manjhar Kund, Dhuan Kund, Tutla Bhawani, Kashish waterfall, Geeta Ghat, etc.
  6. Mosques of Rohtas
    It is said that Syed Meer Hassan also known as Chand Tan Shaheed Peer spread Islam in Sasaram in the 12th century but there is not much evidence that can justify this statement. But one can find many mosques from the 15 century after the arrival of Hassan Khan Sur. The rest of the mosques found in Sasaram are constructed after the establishment of the Khanqah in the 17th century. The Mosque of Khanqah, the mosque of Alamgir, the mosque of Postekhan, the Mosque of Shahjuma, and the Shahi masjid are some of the famous mosques in Rohtas.
  7. Gurudwaras of Rohtas
    In 1666 AD, Guru Tegh Bahadur set out on a journey to the East with his Lashkar. he was on a journey from Kashi to Patna, During this, he stayed at Rohtas for 21 days. Here he stayed in the hut of Nanakshahi saint Chacha phaggumal.
    There are many memories related to the Guru Teg Bahadur Ji in this historical Gurudwara of Rohtas. Including ber Sahib (plum tree), which was planted by Guruji in 1666. Some famous Gurudwaras of Rohtas are Chacha Phagumal Gurudwara, Taksaal Sangat Gurudwara, Gurudwara Singh Sabha, etc.
  8. British Structures of Rohtas
    During the Colonial rule in India Britishers built some of the beautiful structures that can still be seen in Dehri such as Dhoop Ghadi, Anicut Dam, Railway stations, and most of the government department buildings.
  9. Rock Paintings and Inscriptions of Rohtas
    As I said before the civilizations of Rohtas are way old than we think and that’s the reason there are many rock paintings and old Inscriptions found in the district like the Rock painting of Manjha Kund, the Rock Painting of Barhamsiya Maan, the Rock Painting of Ghorghat Valley Maan, Phulwariya Inscription, Ashokan miniature inscription on Chandan Shahid Hill and many more
  10. Revolt Against Britishers in Rohtas
    When the whole of India started accepting British rule by force than some of the heroes of Rohtas openly opposed it and fought the Britishers with the help of Raja Narayan Singh in 1781. Since then Rohtas never fully accepted British rule. After that, this place gave many heroes who fought for freedom. Nishan Singh, Abdul Qayyum Ansari, Brij Bihari Dubey, and Raza Quli Khan are some of the most famous freedom fighters in the district.
  11. Educational institutes of Rohtas
    Rohtas is considered to be the top district in Bihar in terms of literacy rate. Today, many educational institutes can be found here. But many few know that this place has one of the oldest surviving educational Institutes in India.
    Khanqah Madarsa was established in 1762 by the Sajjada Nasheen of the Khanqah estate which is considered as one of the oldest surviving educational institutes in India.

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