These 9 videos on Chhath that you must not miss this year
Chhath Puja

These 9 videos on Chhath that you must not miss this year

Chhath, the mere mention of the word fills us with a mixture of joy, nostalgia and excitement. Among many threads that binds us Biharis together, Chhath is the strongest. Love for this festival transcends class, caste and religion. It’s the quintessential Bihari thing. Biharis, living in Bihar or anywhere around the world feel a sense of fraternity when it comes to chhath.
And it is to celebrate this joyous occasion, many Bihari artists have contributed their bit and made this Chhath all more special. Social media platform has provided an universal stage for these artists to showcase their talent. Today we are bringing you a list of the notable videos on Chhath that came this year. These videos are a must watch and we are sure that they will touch your heart.

1.  Kahin Chhoot Na Jaye Chhath 2 by City of Patna

City of Patna, an initiative by Patna Municipal Corporation is making great attempts at reinventing and promoting Bihar’s culture and art. In their bid to do so they have launched a new video on Chhath. The video is centered on a Bihari sanitation worker and his story of returning home on Chhath. While we wish to see a clean city we often ignore the workers who make this happen by their hard work. This video is an attempt to give their stories a center stage and that’s what Chhath is all about, the inclusion of every section of society.

2. Ayilin Chhathi Maiya by Bejod

This video by Nitin Chandra is the third edition of his Chhath songs. This series started with ‘Pahile Pahil Chhath’ which was a huge success. This third song which is sung by Palak Muchhal and Amit Mishra is also filmed on Kranti Prakash Jha. This song is about homecoming of a couple back to Bihar.

3.  Chhath Parv video by Ek Bihari Sab Par Bhari

This video gives a beautiful message of communal harmony. It highlights the fact that despite being a Hindu festival, how Chhath has transcended the religious boundaries. This is the story of one of many Muslim devotees who observe the fast and rituals of Chhath. This video tells us what makes Chhath so special for us Biharis.

4. Maa by Bihari No. 1

This a short film based on a true story of the tragic stampede that occured during Chhath in 2015. This short film teaches you the value of our mother whom we mostly take for granted. Chhath is a celebration of love and sacrifice of a mother. Lucky are those who have this blessing to back home to their mother and they should cherish every moment of it. That’s what this short film teaches us.

5.  Chhath Parv- Bihari Aur Hum by Viral Kalakar

Viral Kalakar’s this emotional video is relatable for every Bihari who is away from his home on this Chhath. This monologue written by Mithilesh Maiqash and performed by Ujjawal Shrivastava is the voice of everyone’s heart who couldn’t come to Bihar because of their jobs or studies.

6. Humro Ke Ghare Pahunchaye Da by Framezomania

Leaving the comfort and the love of parents one gets at home is not something that one willingly choose. They make this sacrifice in order to provide for their family and while they support their families financially, both them and their families suffer emotionally. That’s what this song is all about. Many sons and daughters are away from their home on Chhath so that their families can have the means to celebrate the festival.

7. Kekar Karin Aasa Ae Dinanath by Chandan Tiwari (Purabiyataan)

While many artists are coming up with a modern take on the traditional songs on Chhath, Chandan Tiwari is among those few artists who has preserved this great heritage in its original form. She is one of the best folk singers of our times and she has proved it again by rejuvenating this sweet Bhojpuri Chhath song.

8. Jaga He Dinanath by Great India Show and Antardwand

While it is crucial to preserve the great traditional and classic works of the past, it is equally important to create something new which will serve as heritage for the upcoming generations. This new song aspires to do the same. With brand new tune and lyrics, this Chhath song is a great addition to the songs which capture the spirit of this festival.

9. Kaanchahi Baans Ke Bahingiya by Maithili Thakur

Young Maithili Thakur is a brand new sensation who has caught the attention of people all around the world and has become viral with her rendition of traditional bhajans and bhojpuri songs. Among her many songs on Chhath this particular rendition of one of the most popular Chhath songs is again going viral.

If there is any more video from this year’s Chhath which we might have missed out in the above list, do add them by commenting below the link.

Wishing you all a very happy Chhath Parv.

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