These 11 videos of National Award winning film maker Nitin Chandra will break your image of Bhojpuri
Girmitiya Kantraki

These 11 videos of National Award winning film maker Nitin Chandra will break your image of Bhojpuri

What is the one thing which comes in the mind of a common man, when they hear the word “Bhojpuri Music” or say “Bhojpuri Cinema”? “Vulgar”, “Sleazy”, “Double meaning”, “Ashleel”? True! But No more. I am not going to start another sob story complaining how sleazy and vulgar Bhojpuri music has become, creating a really bad image for Bihar. Every cloud has a silver lining and Bhojpuri has got its own. It’s called “Bejod”. A youtube channel with this name. Guys, it’s time to show you the change you are seeking. I am going to show you 11 such music videos of National Award winning Director Nitin Chandra which has completely broken my image of “Bhojpuri”.  

1: Pahele Pahile Hum Kaini

This Chhath video from “Bejod” channel has attained a cult status. It’s been uploaded from 3 different youtube channel and has gathered more then 8 million views on youtube and millions of sharing across the globe. This is the quality of work which we were waiting for years. Sharda Sinha’s voice has done the magic.  Read more about this here.

2.  Apnaa Chauthaa Class ke Drawing Book

“Apna chuatha class ke drawing book”, a very contemporary poem, a song narrated by Siya Singh, her story of migration in which she loses her drawing book, on which she had drawn memories from her small village. This video is full of visual effects. 

3. Holi Hamraa Na Bhaawe

 This one is my personal favourite for many reason. One reason is Neetu Chandra, our Bihari Star in Bollywood featuring in this beautifully shot video. The colour flowing in slo-mo is going to steal your heart. This video has excellent production value. The singer in this video lives in a village of Ballia, UP and he was especially been called for this shoot from Ballia to Mumbai.  Read more about this here.

4. Sonwa Ke Pinjara Reloaded

 This video features the voice of Saket Bairoliya, a singer from Darbhanga, now living in Mumbai. This song is a cover version of “Sonwa ke pinjar” which comes from the very first Bhojpuri film in 1963. Nitin Chandra has totally changed the presentation. 

5. Girmitiya Kantraki

Raj Mohan lives in Amsterdam, Netherland and his Great Grandfather was taken by British as indentured labour in 1886 from Bihar – UP region. Raj Mohan still sings the ballads in Bhojpuri. He has sung many songs of migration. Nitin Chandra has narrated his story in his song with animation. This is perhaps Bhojpuri’s first Animation video. Read more about this here.

6. Kabahun Naa Chhooti Chhath

 This video is continuation of the previous video. This time Nitin Chandra weaves the story in which the boy takes the daunting task of performing Chhath. As a woman I felt great about this. Alka Yagnik has given voice to this one and it has garnered more than 1.3 million views on the “Bejod” channel.  

7. Suna Suna

 Nitin Chandra made “Deswa” in 2011. It’s the only Bhojpuri film made in Bihar to get selected for International Film Festival of India, Goa. The song in the link is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam. Yes you heard it right, Sonu and Shreya in Bhojpuri for this film directed by Nitin Chandra. The composer is Nitin Chandra’s favourite Ashutosh Singh. Ashutosh Singh has been instrumental in almost all the work Nitin Chandra does. This beautiful video shot by Sanjay Khanzode is worth watching.  

8.  Gorki Patrki Re

 “Gorki Patarki Re” is the remake of 1977, “Balam Pardesia” hit number “Gorki Patarki” sung by Md. Rafi. This song is sung  by Saket Bairoliya and Music is redone by Ashutosh Singh. Watch this video and get a fresh feel.  

9. Prabhu Ji Baat Niharat Baani

 This video shot at Patna’s Guru Gobind Singh’s Gurudwara attains a huge importance. It is the first Bhajan on Guru Ji in Bhojpuri. This song is sung by Richa Verma of Gopalganj and the model in the video is a known model from Patna in Mumbai, Richa Srivastava.   

10. Saari Saari Ratiya

 Featuring Pratiksha Rai of “Gorki Patarki” this video is one of the best video in Bhojpuri ever. Pratiksha has done an immensely great job. Nitin Chandra again with his trademark team of Ashutosh Singh and Sanjay Khanzode created magic. This is probably first ever period work in Bhojpuri.  Read more about it here.

11. Kakrol Buniya

 This video was launched last week and it already has garnered more than 80 thousand views. This is pure rock in Bhojpuri Language sung by Prabhakar Pandey of Ara. Again the same team rocked the Youtube’s Bejod Channel.  

 Now, with such videos available on internet how can we still keep ourselves under the influence of the impression of Bhojpuri being “Vulgar”. It’s true that there are very few who are giving Bhojpuri such sound and visuals like Nitin Chandra and Neetu Chandra, the film actress who is also Nitin Chandra’s sister. This brother-sister duo is creating legacy for the future generations and this movement needs more people, more channels and more courage. So, guys share these videos, tell the world that Bihar is not about sleaze in its languages. We have National award winner and his team working day in and out churning the best they can do for Bhojpuri. 

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