The walls of Patna's Vidyut Bhawan delivers a strong message of energy conservation

The walls of Patna’s Vidyut Bhawan delivers a strong message of energy conservation

Once this building attracted many visitors with the authentic café interiors and now the walls are shining bright at the Bailey Road which has now become a new photography zone for Patnaites. Vidyut Bhawan, Patna has got something new after the coolest Energy Café in the premises. The sidewalls of the building have been painted colorful and bright with a message of energy conservation. This painting has been initiated by St+art India Foundation which aims to make our streets more interactive through the medium of urban art festivals across India. They chose Munir Bukhari, an artist from Gujarat, Johnson Singh  and  a German Artist Alaniz to paint these walls.

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Hello Patna, good to finally meet you! As our season truly picks up steam, we are stoked to announce our first project in Bihar.

Taking over a few prominent locations across the Vidyut Bhawan in Patna, this project is being done in collaboration with the Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited – the government body that provides 24 hour electricity to the entire state of Bihar

The first artist is Germany-based artist Alaniz who works with colourful portraits of people in the areas he works within. This is the biggest wall Alaniz has ever worked on and the piece he’s creating reflects a philosophy he’s often abided by – “there’s light in all of us, and we are all made of the same matter”.

We have 2 more artists – Johnson Singh and Munir Bukhari working in parallel, and we are excited to share their works with you. More on this soon, watch this space.

Project supported by Asian Paints

? : Rohan Raju Kunchikorve

Using plenty of floral elements, artist Johnson Singh is busy creating a mural on the second wall for our project in Patna. This wall is located at the entrance of Vidyut Bhawan, and once completed, Johnson’s mural will act as a frame for an inspiring installation which will be going up super soon.
Stay tuned for details!

Project supported by Asian Paints

Images: Rohan Raju Kunchikorve


From the last year, we have seen that the Patna Municipal Corporation painted the walls in the capital city with Madhubani paintings. The Bihar govt. has been using art in public places not just to beautify the city but also with the motive to spread social messages and dissuade people from splitting here and there and dirtying public places. This year once again, Bihar govt. has now hired artists of International repute in order to depict its success in providing electricity to every household with the help of murals conveying the journey from ‘Darkness to light‘. Several sets of murals commissioned under the state govt. greenery campaign having the title “Jal Jeevan aur Hariyali” in order to aware and reconnect all the people with the environment.
This idea has come from murals painted in Lodhi estate in the national capital. The chairman and managing director of Bihar state of power holding company (BSPHCL) Pratyaya Amrit said “ while crossing through Lodhi Estate artwork, I wondered if anything on the line of an energy. A specific theme can also be done in Bihar. We took three months to concertize the idea and finalized on our theme”.
The compositions have been done by Emanuel Alaniz, an Argentinian street artist based in Berlin, and Federica Maria, also an Argentinian, and Abhijith Acharya from Kerala”.
Another set of mural features a young boy and a girl holding a sparrow in their palms depicting the message to save endangered species like Bengal tiger and Asiatic Elephants set against the two kids, who will be the protectors of these animals in the future.

‘From Darkness, lead me to light’ || Munir Bukhari ||

Munir is an artist from Rajkot, Gujarat who has painted several murals across India and collaborated with illustrators and graphic designers to scale their work onto walls.

His mural at the Vidyut Bhawan in Patna is across two large facades and this second part of his composition seeks to recognize the efforts the BSPHCL has made over the years to bring electricity to all parts of Bihar and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices in households.

Paying an ode to the BSPHCL’s numerous initiatives to electrify Bihar retrospectively, the mural depicts a forward-looking stance, using a solar bulb to symbolize a sustainable and green future for young India. It features a woman as its central character who is shown switching on a solar-powered bulb – a modern tool to harness energy from a natural source of light.

In tandem with the first artwork, this piece also honors light, in its natural form and as a source of guidance, security, and comfort in Indian mythology and daily rituals.

What are your thoughts on Munir’s piece? Comment below!

Project was done in association with the BSPHCL

Proudly supported by Asian Paints

Images: Pranav Gohil


Munir Bukhari, one of the artist behind this wall painting have already painted many walls of Delhi and Mumbai. A 33-year-old Munir took 6 days to paint the largest wall. Munir shares his experience with PatnaBeats,

“ I was chosen by StartIndia Foundation to draw this painting in Bihar. This was my first visit to Bihar. The theme was chosen by the foundation to depict electricity and power in Bihar as it was the Electricity Board office. The tallest wall with a woman and man took 6 continuous days to paint. I lived here for 20 days in the Guesthouse of the Board office. “

Adding about the challenges he faced in painting such a vivid and majestic art piece, Munir said

“ I had no time for corrections, it was single time work with a lot of efforts. I used cranes and elevators to reach the highest point of the wall. But I am so happy with the gesture of Bihar government officials. I met the CM and he appreciated my work.”

” The language and accent of Bihar appear to be sweet, I loved talking to people here because they greeted people with honor using ‘ Aap’ which sounds very courteous.”

We are light’ || Alaniz ||

Argentinian artist Alaniz is known for his incredible murals that are both striking to look at and full of deep meaning. Every single element in his works is used with a purpose and story behind it. Take a closer look at his recently concluded piece at the Vidyut Bhawan in Patna – a beautiful and expansive composition created with rich detailing and layers of meaning.

His mural in Patna, titled ‘We are light’, speaks about how everything in this universe is connected – of how human beings, as well as animals and plants, are all made of the same matter stars are made of. Through this work he wishes to remind people that there is power and light within everything, as a metaphor for the potential within every person.

His piece also depicts endangered species like the Bengal Tiger and the Asian Elephant, amongst other animals, juxtaposed against two young people as a way to convey the idea that the youth are their future protectors. The composition, therefore, while presenting local elements and powerful symbols such as the Banyan Tree that frames the mural, speaks about a universal condition. We must believe in the ‘divine’ nature of everything to achieve and live in harmony.

What do you think of this piece? Tell us in the comments below!

Project in partnership with the BSPHCL, and as always made possible with the constant support of Asian Paints

Images: Rohan Raju Kunchikorve


St+art and Asian Paints are super happy to be hosting our first ever project in the city of Patna, building on our vision to make art accessible to all.

Artist Munir Bukhari has begun work on the second part of his composition, created in collaboration with young artist Johnson Singh. Their piece is situated across Munir’s first mural and will feature a man in a ‘dhoti-kurta’ – Bihar’s traditional attire for men.

Being created on two adjacent facades of Vidyut Bhawan, Munir’s composition will not only acknowledge the BSPHCL’s work over the years, but also symbolically depict the different ways in which light is celebrated throughout our country, in its natural form.

Stay tuned for regular updates on the artists’ progress!

Images: Rohan Raju Kunchikorve



 PatnaBeats will surely suggest you to view this magnificent paintings on the walls of Vidyut Bhawan, Near Income Tax Golambar, Bailey Road, Patna.


 Credits and Source- St+Art India Foundation

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