The victory of Sharad and Pramod at Tokyo Paralympics will pave a path

The victory of Sharad and Pramod at the Tokyo Paralympics will pave a path for others to follow

Two of the world’s finest sportsmen from Bihar have earned accolades for the whole nation in the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. Former world No. 1 para high jumper Sharad Kumar who hails from Muzaffarpur bagged a bronze in T63 male high jump and the four times world champion shuttler Pramod Bhagat rooted in Hajipur claimed the first-ever gold for India in badminton and scripted history.

When you are truly ardent about your dreams, no boulders could stop you from climbing even the highest peaks of Olympus mon. These two extraordinary humans have left no doubts in substantiating that with their stellar performances in the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. Their victory will always be cherished and blaze a trail for all the sports enthusiasts in a place like Bihar that unfortunately never made their way into the Olympics for the last 40 years.

Bihar always has had an infinite potential to lead from all the fronts be it literature, art, music, dance, films, and whatnot, and this legacy hasn’t completely died yet. We had the greatest Mathematician-astronomer Aryabhata, poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, the legendary Shehnai player Bismillah Khan and today we have got filmmaker Prakash Jha and Imitiaz Ali, Singer Sharda Sinha, globally recognized artist Subodh Gupta, veteran actor Manoj Bajpai, and the list goes on and on. But what about sports..?

Sadly, in sports, the number of sports personalities from Bihar can still be counted on fingers. Nonetheless, the number of sports enthusiasts is massive. But who shall we blame? Is it the Government? Is it Us? Is it Mindset? Or is it all?

  • It is primarily the duty of the government to provide the infrastructure, training and diet needed for the well being of all the athletes.
  • The Olympics are not as popular among Indians as cricket and football. It is a matter of fact that we don’t treat athletes as we treat popular game stars.
  • There is a famous saying in Bihar that says

“Padhoge Likhoge To Banoge Nawab

Kheloge Kudoge To Banoge Kharab”

And these couple of lines certainly have a story to tell. We have been a victim of a chronic mindset that makes it harder for us to accept sports as a career. Think about it!

Everyone loves to watch someone bagging accolades for their nation irrespective of the place he belongs to, color, sex, caste, religion, abled, disabled, etc. Victory is the only feeling that unites us all. And if people like Sharad Kumar and Pramod Bhagat can do that then all sports aficionados from our country also unquestionably deserve a push from the government, families, and sports lovers in harmony.

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