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Nitin Chandra has yet again come up with another project which has a great intention behind it. With his new short film “The Suspect“, he has made a great attempt at getting the conversation started about the an issue which is in dire need of attention from our society and authorities. The Suspect is a Maithili short film by NeoBihar, Champaran Talkies & Two Circles, starring Durgesh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Sonu, Pankaj Jha and Gopal K Singh.

The story is of a Muslim youth who goes to Mumbai, the city of dreams, to pursue his own dream. But owing to misfortune and vicious stereotyping, he gets accused for a horrible crime. “The Suspect” raises the issue of innocent muslim youth getting falsely accused on terror charges. It exposes the unfair and harsh reality of our society which judges and discriminate people on the basis of their religion, caste and ethnicity. It goes on to show how devastating that could be for someone. The issue highlighted in Nitin Chandra’s “Suspect” have ruined lives of many innocent people and there is a need of more sensible and humane way to deal with these problems. “The Suspect” is made in Maithili. This is another stride in Nitin Chandra’s commendable journey of bringing Bihar’s languages in mainstream. This short film helps the cause of removing the stigma that has been attached with Bihar’s languages. Use of Maithili makes this film more engaging and genuine. Chandra’s attempt to induce our languages in India’s popular culture deserves an applause.

 We all need to stand for each other, fight for one another. Hindus need to fight for the rights of Muslims and similary Muslim needs to fight for Hindus and others.
-while speaking to PatnaBeats, Nitin Chandra says

Coming to the cinematic aspect of “The Suspect”, the short film does a good job of staying true to the cause. Nitin Chandra has done a great job as the director and managed to keep the audience engaged with the film. The main character is played by Durgesh. He did a brilliant job with it. Overall, “The Suspect” is a well made short film with a great message in it. You must watch this one

Watch it here:

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