Hanuman Ambulance

The Story of E- Ambulance You’ll Never Believe: Hanuman Ambulance

Hanuman Ambulance“In the wake of Coronavirus, lockdown has been imposed in the state till March 31st. All essential services will be available” chief minister Nitish Kumar read a statement. The state was under lockdown from March. Basic lives were suspended and the state faced situations never imagined. 

Apart from quarantined at homes, the role which never stopped playing was health professionals. The covid19 arose the need for ambulances and healthcare. But, as demand rose so, rose the price of these services. These conditions made it difficult for common people to get treatment. An ambulance service surfaced during this time.

Dr. Neeraj Jha, a young doctor from Patna and alumni of Kendriya Vidyalaya started the ambulance service in Bihar to provide cheap and safe medicare during the Covid19 lockdown. Known as Hanuman, it is the first e-ambulance service in Bihar. The app is also available on the Google playstore which is very convenient and easy to use.

Various factors moved Niraj towards the establishment of this service. The distress in people while they look for ambulances and the lack of knowledge amongst people regarding these services was one factor. Secondly, the overpriced charge by the ambulance service and hospitals during the lockdown was also a driving factor. These and other components led to the kick-off of this service. 

Hanuman Ambulance

HANUMAN- Health Accessible to the Needy and Utility to Mankind. Becoming the modern Hanuman and bringing Sanjeeveni into our lives, this app is currently serving in 18 districts of Patna. The ambulances have shown immense hope in people that they won’t have to pay higher prices for services that could be afforded at a minimal rate. 

Niraj with his colleague Santosh started distributing PPE kits to the ambulance drivers and paramedics with tablets and sanitizers too. They set the ambulances with essential medicines and oxygen cylinders. He fostered learning and provided assurance among these drivers who feared they would be affected by the virus. 

Despite facing severe hardships, the app has made an ambulance one call away. The Hanuman App not only supply ambulances but also provide lab assistance, home healthcare, diagnostics services to the people. 

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