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The Relationship Between Bihar and Ludo King

Ludo King has re-defined gaming with a whole new approach by bringing in people from all over the country. While being stuck at home was certainly a big turn off, we did have Ludo King to make things better and Indians are not going to forget that game anytime soon. It has brought in excitement, thrill and the feel of a traditional game being upgraded to match modern standards. But how did this game come to life? Are the rumors about an individual being the sole reason for its existence true? Well, let’s find out. 

Revealing the Big Secret

Yes, you heard it right. A specific individual, who hails from Patna and who goes by the name of Vikash Jaiswal is the man with the plan. He is the brains behind the hit board game app, which is a top-ranked free gaming app on the Play Store with more than 200 Million downloads. It is a classic board game, which became popular with the introduction of its digital platform, all thanks to Vikash Jaiswal. But who is Vikash Jaiswal and what did he do? 

Vikash Jaiswal – The Man Behind Ludo King

Vikash Jaiswal completed his schooling in Patna and is also an MIT graduate from Bulandshahr. He moved on to Mumbai, where he joined as the tech Lead for Indiagames in 2004. While he was busy getting things going at Indiagames, he always wanted to start a venture of his own and bring in games like no other. And in 2008, he started Gametion and went on to launch a ton of games moving through the genres of action, puzzle and racing.

In 2013, the site managed to get over 20 million monthly users, which began to reduce, due to the development of mobile gaming. As a result, Vikash Jaiswal converted Gametion to produce mobile versions of its games and players were immensely pleased with the same. Around 10 games were launched on this front until Jaiswal’s attention was caught by a mobile game named Snake and Ladder. 

And thanks to that, it gave him the motivation to develop Ludo, which is now popularly known as Ludo King. Vikash Jaiswal, who was always interested in games, made his mark in the Indian gaming market with Ludo King and thereby, entrusted hope in the hearts and minds of players. He provided the market with what it lacked by giving them a way to a secure future. While Jaiswal’s team members were not convinced with the idea of Ludo, he kept going with it and eventually proved them wrong. 

Exploring Ludo King

Back In 2017, Economic Times reported that the gaming industry viewed Ludo King as the first home-grown casual mobile game to have user stickiness. Thanks to its simpler version, the market went gaga over the game and everybody started playing Ludo King. it was a massive hit and as we speak, there might be a ton of players rolling the dice to beat their opponents at Ludo King. It has won the FICCI Frames BAF Awards and was also announced as the winner in the Mobile & Tablet Game: Arcade/Casual category. 

The different categories that were present in this classic gaming app, were another reason why people began playing it. You can either choose to play with anyone around the world or set up your own gang and get things going with friends. Since online gaming is never complete without the multiplayer option, Jaiswal and his team utilised this platform to raise their game and launch it accurately. 

But those are not the only features that caught the attention of a player. There are more and in order to explore them, we require a new topic itself. 

a. Best Features of Ludo King

While the steps and rules of the game are quite simple, the unique part of it was its features. And exploring these features will lead you to a few points, which indicate the best from the lot. So here are the best features of Ludo King. 

1. Offline Gaming

Network problems are still around the corner and Ludo King understands that. Thanks to that, you can always explore Ludo King offline by playing it against the computer. 

2. Private Game Room

If you wish to create a private game room, all you need to do is invite your Facebook friends and get things underway. It is as easy as it sounds. Since setting up a private game room is much more entertaining than playing with a stranger, this feature is considered to be an important one. 

3. Emojis 

If you ever feel like expressing your feelings to your opponents, you can do so with emojis as the game supports these options. You can always slide over to its screen and send as many emojis as you like. 

The Impact of Ludo King

The impact of Ludo King is clear as day and it is out in the open. You are always going to find the app on your friend’s phone or even your own phone. And with millions of users from around the world, Ludo King is also growing and will continue to grow. However, there is another impact that may not be as visible as the rest. And that impact talks about the fact that Ludo King paved the way for other games to come forward and redeem themselves. 

Yes, that’s right. The impact of Ludo King has done a fine job in encouraging developers to make better games and help players to explore them. Top games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti and so on went on to hog the limelight and became games that everybody wanted. Today, Andar Bahar for cash is quite popular and you will always find it throughout online casinos in India. Since Ludo King also has versions with money involved, the excitement just keeps getting better. 


With more than 300 Million downloads and around 72 million monthly users, Ludo King is a statement by itself. What grew as an interest has sparked off as a hobby and helped players from all around the world. So the next time you play Ludo King, remember a humble gaming developer named Vikash Jaiswal from Patna, who along with his team are responsible for everything. 

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