The Perfect Indian Snacks for Sports Events

Sporting lovers worldwide have lots to look forward to in terms of upcoming local and international sports events. That’s because not only are an array of sports popular in this region of the world but thanks to online sportsbooks, so are sports betting and score predictions. Sports events and cuisine also go hand in hand in India.

While traditional Bihari cuisines are generally the most common choice for meals in India, we’re here to provide you with some more Indian food alternatives. What’s the reason? They’re tasty, unique and, for the most part, simple to prepare. 

Furthermore, the list we’ve prepared here is chock-full of Indian dishes that are meant for on-the-go snacking. After all, no one wants to have to look at their dishes during a game constantly, and nobody wants to be trying to eat with a knife and fork at sporting events.


Understanding why these deep-fried pockets are hailed as India’s favorite snack is simple. You can fill them with spicy potatoes, chicken or mince filling or a mix of your favorite items. Their convenience of use is why you’ll find them in most public locations in India; on the train, on the streets and at athletic facilities as a pleasant snack in between work, home, spectating and playing.


It’s simple to see why paneer or chicken skewers are popular at sporting events. They’re portable and tasty and are guaranteed to please any fan watching the game. The seasoning is crucial here. 

Whether you use chicken or Paneer (Indian cottage cheese), the tastiest skewers include items that have been properly covered with the tikka masala spices. Don’t forget the lemons as a bonus. The easiest way to enjoy them is to squeeze them on the skewers just before taking a mouthful.


The great part about shawarmas is how customized they are. Consider it an Indian take on the burrito, although with a distinct type of bite. You get to choose from beef, chicken, lamb and veal.

The idea with shawarmas is to use the freshest ingredients possible to ensure that each mouthful has an additional crunch. You can’t go wrong with shawarma since you can customize it to your liking.

Bhajias or Pakoras

Continuing in deep-fried deliciousness, Bhajias or Pakoras are a fantastic treat with a little less guilt than Samoosas. Pakoras are simply deep-fried veggies covered in a spicy chickpea flour batter. Bhajias are similar, except they’re made with potatoes instead of veggies. Both are cooked till golden brown and crispy; they’re easy to hold and eat, and each mouthful is a treat.


While not as portable as the others, biryanis are an excellent alternative owing to the variety offered as well as the intrinsic tastiness of the meal. The meal consists of a mixed rice dish with Indian spices, your choice of meat (including prawns), veggies, eggs or potatoes, depending on the version.


One of the most obvious, and our final recommendation, is Indian curry. There are various options to choose from. Chicken, lamb, egg, fish and kofta curry are among the delicacies available. All of the other Indian meals that we associate with curries have their own distinct names on the Indian subcontinent.

Try Something New

We hope this article has helped convince you to try these dishes if you haven’t done so already. They’re easy to make, easy to eat and offer the perfect way to experience the treasured flavors and spices from several decades of Indian culture.