The mix of Indian culture at first day of Zarin Lifestyle Exhibition

There was a time when we visited fairs to view the collections, from one shop to another. Holding our parents’ hands and taking them to the best shop we find visually appealing. The trend has changed but the base is the same. The trend of lifestyle exhibitions is not new but the variation in market and shops are directly influenced by the recent lifestyle. We wish to get more trendy collections nearby, get the national brands in our city. The same trendy collections were witnessed at the Imperial Garden, Chanakya Hotel on the first day of the Zarin Lifestyle Exhibition.

Zarin Lifestyle Exhibition organized by MSSJR Events completed its first day with the inauguration by Major General Rajiv Kumar Gupta, NCC DTE, Bihar & Jharkhand. The entry with the vibrant pieces of jewelry, sarees, and dress materials caught each eye of visitors. The sarees and Kurtis from Indore were the attraction just beside the entrance.

Reena arranging her collections from Indore and Mumbai said, “These are self-designed by me, you won’t find these ruffled Sarees in cotton, but I have created them in cotton materials to make it trendy and comfortable at the same time.”


The Rajasthani kurtas, suit sets and especially the jewelry made the exhibition visitors stop and try the earrings, neck pieces, bangles, and those big rings. The Rajasthani jewelry touch was enhancing the beauty of the stall. The hand-loom sarees from Assam, Calcutta, and Kerala in the side by side stalls looked like mixed Indian Culture in a room. The major spark of the exhibition was the mix of Indian culture; the stalls were from Lucknow, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kolkata, Assam, Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Baroda, and Indore. Not ignoring the state itself, a Bihari brand Tiklee Fashion Studio exhibited their Handloom collections. Tiklee is working for refining the handlooms of Bihar to the latest trends. The team has all the ladies who worked at homes like Bhagalpuri Silk is one basic form of handloom the studio is working on.

“Just read about these handlooms in my social studies book and now the exhibition  has made me witness the texture and work done by the craftsmen. It’s so amazing to find the Indian culture variation under one roof. I bought a lucknowi kurta and a Rajasthani ring”, said Shweta who visited the exhibition viewing a story on Instagram.

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Other than the fashion and accessories, the kitchen sets were also stalled at the corners, which have most women visitors who found them necessary for their kitchen wares. The first day with frequently visiting people caught the number of window shoppers. The second day – 3rd August will be more exciting with some fun games and an offer running by side to win a silver coin at the shop of Rs 5000 and more.
The 11 to 7 exhibition was set closed for reopening it the next day i.e. 3rd of August, Saturday. If you still wondering what this Zarin Exhibition was looking like, don’t think much- you have not missed the chance. Visit Imperial Garden, Chanakya Hotel and grab the amazing collections from different state hand looms and designer brands.

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