The Invention Of This Bihari Student Will Leave You Amazed

The Invention Of This Bihari Student Will Leave You Amazed

There is a lack of facilities in Bihar but there is no dearth of talent here. And the proof of this is Anil Alok who made the whole of Bihar proud by inventing a device that can switch off your lights or any electrical device of your home through your phone from anywhere in the world. You must be amazed to know that this Bihari student is not an engineer or a student of engineering college, but he is just a 12th class student of Alfa International School, Patna, Bihar. 

A design by Anil explaining how it works

According to Anil, he got the idea from other devices which can be commanded by Mobile Phones.  So he imagined that a device should be made so that the electric equipment of the whole house can be commanded from anywhere in the country and abroad with the help of mobile phones. It is not only easy to operate but it is also very affordable as only ₹ 2000 has been spent to prepare the device. The complete system can give commands to 16 different electronic devices. A single device can operate in two rooms. A motherboard is installed for this device which works with the help of wifi. He made a model to make people understand how this device works. In the model, he has made separate rooms in which bulbs are fixed which are connected with the device that can be operated through the mobile phone. According to Anil Alok, the whole system works on the command of data.  Bulb, fan and other equipments in each room can be commanded by separate data.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

The biggest thing about this device is that you can check the temperature of your room from any place, with the help of a mobile. You can also check the humidity level of your house. With this device worth Rs.2000, you can command 16 appliances simultaneously. And the special thing about this is there is no cost on its maintenance. The device is small enough to fit anywhere like an MCB. 

So let’s applaud this young talented person who made a significant difference in the world with his small but important contribution in a place that is far behind in the technological world. Now if you even forget to switch off the devices or lights, before going outside, or before slipping into the bed, you don’t need to worry about the electricity and bill, you can turn it off from your phone as well! We can together support talented people of Bihar like Anil by encouraging them and by proudly sharing their stories. We (PatnaBeats) have shared, now, it’s your turn! Last but not the least,  heartiest congratulations to Anil Alok from the team of PatnaBeats.

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