The Indian Game That Could Take the Gaming World by Storm

The online gaming industry continues to grow and also diversify at a strong rate, and one of the next games to go worldwide could be a card game from India. Many casinos are now targeting the Indian market, and to ensure they bring in enough custom, they have to offer traditional Indian games to their players.

This includes many Teen Patti variations that users can play online, and this game could well eventually be used by casinos elsewhere around the world. The game is easy to play and is seen by some as a great introduction to poker, a simplified version to get players interested in that game, which is a little more complex, but has some of the same rules.

With poker growing in stature too, it would be no surprise to see various casinos use their Teen Patti games for India elsewhere, and that could lead to global popularity.

Why Could Teen Patti Have Huge Appeal?

The biggest reason why Teen Patti could have huge appeal is certainly because of the similarities to poker. Many people love to play poker around the world, but if you look at the latest trends then you will see that most are focused around making life easier and simpler.

When you ask someone to describe Teen Patti who has played both that and poker, they will more than likely tell you that the game is a simplified version of poker. For those who don’t have time to sit down for a full poker session, perhaps players who want to play on a mobile, Teen Patti offers something similar, but something that is far easier to access.

The game itself is good enough to grab the appeal of people from all over the world, but it needs to be marketed in order for people to find out about it. At the moment, many Indians know how good this game is, and some other Asian countries will know about it, but elsewhere, there is very little knowledge of the game.

What Could Happen in the Future?

Those who love Teen Patti will tell you that there is no reason this game could not challenge the likes of poker. There is a huge World Poker Tour that takes the best players to events around the world, could something similar be made for Teen Patti?

The chances of that may not be huge, but if not then the game should certainly be aiming to find a position in the market as a simplified version of poker and an entry point for new players. Yes, the majority will go onto play poker after learning Teen Patti, but that would still give the game a huge audience, and that will lead to global recognition.

Work needs to be done when it comes to marketing, but online casinos could help with that, and they now have an online version of the game which they can use outside of India when they are ready.

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