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Prashant Singh, The Bihari who is redefining passion, has over 2300 of autographed sports’ goodies

Prashant SinghThe Good Space of Prashant Singh

Everyone has passions, dreams and aspirations. Some aspire to be a doctor, some to be a cricketer but the person that we are talking about has a unique passion, the passion of collecting goodies related to sports.

‘The Good Space’ of Prashant Singh has a collection of sports goodies autographed by famous cricketers, footballers, wrestlers, racers, badminton players and boxers in a total area of 500sq.ft.

He has autographed cricket bats, balls, gloves, boxing gloves, posters, autobiographies, biographies, helmets, t-shirts and many other things in his collection.

Prashant Singh who hails from Vaishali in Bihar was born and brought up in the state capital, Patna and had his schooling from St. Michaels High School. This unique passion of his had its inception in his very childhood. His dad worked in RBI and his mother was a home-maker and both of them always encouraged him in following his passion.Later on, when he shifted to Delhi for work, he got motivated further by his friends and his collection began expanding. He is a hardcore fan of the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar and has a collection of 224 front page newspaper cuttings covering stories of Sachin.

Prashant has always been enthusiastic about getting autographs. His enthusiasm and passion was to such an extent that he went to other places to watch international matches. He used to visit the hotels where the players stayed in order to get their autographs.

His collection is unique in its own way.

” Though I have a lot of collections, yet the closest one to my heart is the collection of newspaper cuttings. I have Sachin’s entire life history covered in 224 newspaper cuttings and I have preserved it safely to be cherished forever,” says Prashant.

Prashant’s collection is placed at his workplace. The collection acts as a source of inspiration for him that exudes positive energy and motivates Prashant to continue with his perseverance and toil hard for achieving success in life.

The ultimate fan that he is, Prashant desires to display his collection in a museum and says,” It would be a moment of both pride and satisfaction if these goodies are displayed in a museum in Bihar. I would name it ‘Good Space’.

Prashant has met some of the prominent personalities of this stream like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Brian Lara, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza and Virat Kohli among others. He has had the opportunity of meeting Sachin, thrice.

His passion and love for sports is on a different level. Prashant has himself designed a number of goodies and got them autographed by famous players. He says that if he displays his entire collection, an area of even 2000sq.ft. would be smaller for it.

On talking about the thoughts of his family and friends regarding his craze for sports, he says,” I believe I would have never achieved what I have without the support of my family and friends. My friends, Dharamveer, Nishant and Gopi among others always encouraged me and co-operated with me. I would also like to give special thanks to my wife Renu and daughter Asmi for enduring my madness and supporting me at every step.”

Prashant’s ultimate collection comprises of a hoard of goodies among which are the following:

50 autobiographies of various players

200 full size bats

1 bat with the signatures of all the winners of the Indian Cricket Team of the 2011 World Cup

1 bat with the signatures of all the characters of the movie Lagaan

1 bat of Phil Hughes

250 balls

230 t-shirts

50 caps

300 miniature bats

1300 posters of various sportspersons with their signatures.

Prashant Singh Prashant Singh

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