The Brand Bihar Sale – Pick Any Product at Rs. 110 on the 110th Bihar Diwas


22nd March, a day when every Bihari prides themselves on being a part of the rich cultural state of Bihar. It is on this date that every Bihari celebrates the Bihar Diwas. As 22nd March symbolises a proud moment in every Bihari’s life, NativeClap wishes to celebrate this by gifting the entire state this amazing sale. This gift is a small gesture from our side to our dear state for everything that it has done for us. 

On the occasion of Bihar Diwas, NativeClap has brought to you “The Brand Bihar Sale”. Since it the 110th Bihar Diwas, you will be able to avail all the NativeClap products for Rs. 110 only. Isn’t it great?! 

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Where and What?

The sale will start from the midnight of 22nd March, 2022. So, from 12:00 a.m. onwards you will be able to purchase your favourite Bihari products from NativeClap only at Rs. 110. As far as NativeClap is concerned, well, we all know that this online store that is associated with Bihar’s identity contains a variety of products ranging from T-shirts and Bihari food to art and craft merchandise. All in all one can say that when it comes to Bihari pride, there is only one abode, that is – NativeClap.

In “The Brand Bihar Sale”, you will be able to purchase t-shirts, Bhagalpuri Chaadar, Mithila art mask, and various spices of Bihar and other food items only at Rs. 110. At the stroke of the midnight hour on 22nd March, “The Brand Bihar Sale” will go live on NativeClap’s website . So, hurry before someone else grabs you favourite merchandise from our online store. 

The Significance of Bihar Diwas behind this Sale

Let’s refresh the memory of those who do not know much about Bihar Diwas. 110 years ago, on 22nd March, 1912, the presidency of Bengal was divided and a state named ‘Bihar’ came into being. On this date in the year 2011, government passed the order of observing a public holiday every year to celebrate Bihar Diwas. All offices, schools, and colleges remain closed on 22nd March every year in Bihar. 

You will be shocked to know that Bihar Diwas is not only celebrated in the state of Bihar, but also in various other states of India as well as in other countries like America, Germany, England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

What to Do?

Now you must be knowing why Bihar Diwas is such a big day for us Biharis. In a way, this day is a marker of remembering those ancestors because of whom we got the status of a state. Since it is such a big day for us Biharis, then let’s celebrate our Bihariness with full show and pride and let others know that Bihari is not a slang but a deeply rooted culture and history. The impact of this culture and history still runs deep in our veins and the whole world gets to witness this. Be it the UPSC exams or any stage of the world, we Biharis have proved it to the world that we can come through with flying colours. 

So, let’s come together and celebrate the 110th Bihar Diwas with NativeClap. Buy your favourite Bihari products at our online store and wear the pride of your state with all pomp and show. 

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