‘Teachers of Bihar’ to start ‘Bagless Saturday’ survey at Government schools

The state government to deplete the rate of dropout and mushroom the captivation of students. The organization “Teachers of Bihar” has started a program titled ‘Har Shanivar Ek Rochak Navachar’. This organization came up with the idea of bagless Saturday and proposed this idea to government schools.

The aim of this survey is to make kids free from baggage at least one day in a week, in this day students don’t necessitate to bring hefty bags. Instead of those weighty and bulky studies, students will be incorporated into some creative. School tidings heavy bag is one of the major reasons for the dropout of kids in school.

Under this plan of action, feedbacks will be taken from the schools at the end of the week.Other than studies, extra curricular activities will be focused on that day. There are two basic benefits of this one is that students will learn something different every Saturday and the other is the rate will take the edge of dropouts.

Teachers of Bihar founder Shiv Kumar said, “this survey is very essential as the count of students studying in government schools is 2.5 crore. So, the result of the scrutinization will be sent to senior officer.”

He added, “this can fortify them to accompany in this pursuit.  Students will be unfettered to bring copy and bags on this day. In addition to this, the mechanism of learning will be engrossing, fascinating and appealing so that kids themselves would become more attentive and curious about studies. If one day will be a gratifying day, inducement for studies on other days would also eventually hike.”

Even in some cities like Samastipur, Betiah, etc is already doing this. States like Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Delhi, etc have taken the initiatives very earlier and the findings were really healthy and thriving. Hope this trail gets successful and ease the load on students.

Written by Riya Ritu Jha

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