Surya – A Guy illuminating rural children’s forthcoming

It is said that humans become angels on Earth, not in heaven. A man named Surya proved this right and becames an angel for the rural kids of Gopalganj. “I was aware of the power of education so I quit my job in Ludhiana and returned to Bihar to study hard. There I met a man who was working continuously to upgrade the education system” said Vijay Kumar Chauhan, a Bihari boy who emigrated to Ludhiana at the age of 15 due to the poor financial condition of his family.

Surya Prakash Rai,  a person who thinks differently to improve the quality of education in Bihar. We all know about rural education of this state. When Surya identified the education system and children’s interests, it was difficult for him to accept them. He always wanted to serve society and nothing is better than providing adequate education. So, he himself lay the first stone. He set up an organisation called PRAYOG.

PRAYOG is a non-profit organization in the Gopalganj District of Bihar. The motive of this organisation is to serve the children with adequate teaching, infrastructure and health. This organisation helps needy children and serve more than 400 students every day.

Surya said that he also started a PRAYOG library where children used to read daily newspapers, magazines, and numerous texts. “I felt something which has never been sustained by this student will attract them more. So, I started with the PRAYOG library. In the beginning, only 4-5 students were showing their interests. But, today around 400 students appear regularly in the library.

To assemble more students Surya started an exposure visit with children at Parivartan NGO for 4-5 days where they learn various activities. He also took some students on Bhutan trip so that more and more students could exhibit their involvement. Once, he finds out about caste discrimination in the village. He teached students about the caste system in India. Also, he notified them about equal rights in Constitution.

PRAYOG instruct student for debate and other skills too. PRAYOG ties their knot with MILAAP organisation and started a fundraising campaign to collect solar light after finding the electricity problem in villages. So far, he collected Rs 30,000 for solar light set up.

PRAYOG has a tie up with Prajnopaya Foundation, a Massachussetts Institute of Technology initiative where both the organizations will be supporting ‘Global Literacy Project’, whereby 100 children between 3-8 years of age would be using a tablet each to learn on their own. The programme is expected to kickstart by the end of November 2014.

Expanding the area of operations is yet another thing on PRAYOG’s agenda. They plan to reach out to 10 more villages and engage 2,000 students in their various initiatives.

Malda Aam

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