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Up, Close and Personal with Supriya Aiman

Supriya Aiman, the engineer turned model and winner of Glamanand MISS INDIA international 2015 and she represented India at Miss International 2015 pageant held in Tokyo, Japan. She is awarded with Panasonic Beauty Ambassador for the year 2015 award by the Panasonic organization and Miss Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador by the Japan Tourism and International Cultural association at Miss International pageant. She is the best example of what all can happen if you follow your dream.
So, How did an aeronautical engineering student leave the concept of Lift/drag aside to take up modeling as a career? Read more to find more

PatnaBeats: Tell us about your early life and education

Supriya Aiman: I was born and brought up in Patna. My Mother is an advocate and Father is a businessman. My Grandfather was the Superintendent of Police (Custom and Excise) in Patna back then. And just like any well-educated family my childhood was really disciplined. I have done my schooling from Vidya Mandir and later from Ravindra Balika school in Patna . I pursued my aeronautical engineering from Indian Institute of aeronautics in Patna and I also hold a Graduate degree in Physics (Hons.).

Why modeling?

Supriya Aiman: I always dreamt of representing my country on an international platform, and pageantry world has given me that opportunity, to follow and achieve my dream. I took modeling as the first step and as a strategy to groom or Polish my talent for trying my luck in beauty pageants.

When did you first realize that you were meant for pageants?

Supriya Aiman: Well, it was the time when I was doing my engineering and I tried my luck in the regional beauty pageants and I couldn’t believe that a girl who never thought of winning any beauty contest, would win the first pageant in her very first try.

Give us an overview of your modeling career.

Supriya Aiman: From so many fashion weeks to well-known brands advertisement, I have done a lot of projects in my modeling career. Recently I travelled to New York and London for the TVC of International Brand as well, and I have just finished shooting Tvc for Taj Groups of Hotels and Resorts.

Considering that you weren’t from the modeling circuits, what were the difficulties that you faced during the initial stage of your career?

Supriya Aiman: Coming from a small city and a family with administrative background, initially it was really difficult to convince my family to be supportive. Winning my first regional beauty pageant helped me a lot to give them a proof that I can do better in this industry. Once my parents started supporting me, I did not face more problems to take my next step ahead .

Tell us about your first success.

Supriya Aiman: Overcoming the mental challenge. I was a girl who initially put herself totally into studies as I was an aeronautical engineering student but unlike other small town girls I had a lot of dreams with no idea on how to pursue them. I believed in my self and kept faith, that I will make all my dreams come true.
It is then, that I started trying for beauty pageants to just give it a try, and to my surprise, in my first attempt I succeeded and since then I have never looked back.

Is there anyone whom you idolize or anyone who has been your source of inspiration?

Supriya Aiman: My biggest source of inspiration is my father. He has an unconventional approach and does things in a different way. I have learnt so many things from him. He is my hero.

How has the going been so far?

Supriya Aiman: So far, it has been going well. Things are on the right track, but I would not rest just, as there are so many goals to achieve and I am working hard to reach my dream destination.

What are you currently working on? Where are we going to see you next?

Supriya Aiman: well, there are so many things. I will announce once the project is ready for release.

You have become an inspiration to many. What is your message to the youngsters of Bihar?

Supriya Aiman: Bihrai youngsters are very talented and hardworking they just need to be more focused and determined. I would say, not to get disheartened on non availability of proper facilities and platforms to prove their talent.
I would also urge all the parents to support and trust their kids in all aspects for making their dreams come true .

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