A Must Watch Documentary | Sunehari Dastaan, Bihar Ki Bhoomi Se

Mustard fields, foggy skies, notes of music, strokes of the brush.  A land of rivers, seeped in ideas of revolution and empire. Buddhist chants, ancient temples, white robes, melodious hymns. Stories of women, forgotten tales of artisans, memories of musicians in hovels and royal courts. Journeys, stories, myths, fables, legends. Many golden tales are strung together to tell the story of Bihar.
Sunehare Dastaan..Bihar ki Bhoomi se” provides a glimpse into the vast and rich, cultural and revolutionary heritage of Bihar.

Do watch documentary directed By Alankrita Shrivastava and produced By Prakash Jha below.

Sunehari Dastaan, Bihar Ki Bhoomi Se