Striking That Emotional Chord | Swati Kumari


You can certainly fulfill your dream, if you dare to begin and hold on perpetually. A young girl from Bihar, Swati Kumari, a rising star in the sky of the literary world has proved this cliché stepping up the success with each pace.

Swati Kumari, Photo by Saurav Anuraj

Swati Kumari, Photo by Saurav Anuraj

Swati Kumari was born and brought up in Kanpur, lived in different cities across the country and presently lives in Patna with her family. She completed her MBA from the National School of Business- Bengaluru and International Management from ESC Pau- France.

Debuted with her novel – Without A Goodbye, author Swati Kumari has created her own segment of the readers and fans all around the world. When the book market is flooded with the love stories, her novel is a welcome change. It is a love story, but between a mother and a daughter.  The story is touching the souls of millions of readers with the silent and un-quiet heart of the author.

“My journey till here was not a cake walk at all. During school days, my family had made lots of effort to keep me away from writing stories and poems, which I continued secretly. And today seeing the overwhelming response from the readers, messages and emails from the fans that how much the novel- Without A Goodbye has inspired and motivated them, my family proudly share this with others.” Says author Swati Kumari.

Either it is about writing book or to deal with the real world, she is always up-front. Recent incident of complaining tweet to railway minister regarding water unavailability in the train went so viral on internet; exhibits her bold attitude towards the life.

When PatnaBeats asked that whether she would make women fiction as her genre, she chuckled. “Protagonist of my second book which I finished last month is also a girl. However, the third book that I started two weeks before is the story of a college boy. I don’t want to get stuck with any particular genre, instead would love to explore the different aspects of the life.” She replied.
On being asked that how she handles the new fame she receiving, she say humbly, “Popularity comes with a responsibility. When you get fame and people follows you then you have to present yourself ideally.  Each day I receive many messages and mails from the readers of my book and everyone write that my book has touched their chord.  A girl from Andhra Pradesh read Without A Goodbye and was so impressed that he sent the book to me to get my autograph on that.  Last Saturday I received two more books to sign, one was sent from Tamil Nadu and another was from West Bengal. Every word of praise from my readers gives me immense satisfaction that my work is being welcomed heartily.”

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