Come tell your story via KAHAANIBAAZ | A Storyteller’s Olympiad for children

KAHAANIBAAZ – Storyteller’s Olympiad for Children in Patna on 12th Nov 2017

Besides remaining  immersed in various activities for nurturing and reinventing childhood, these days,  Kahaanighar is busy for organising a Storytelling Olympiad for the Children. The Event is named “Kahaanibaaz”. They are collecting free entries from various institutions. Kahaanighar’s founder member Meenakshi Jha Banerjee said, we were planning to have kahaanibaaz in Patna, since long. Finally the thought has taken shape. Now the event shall happen on  12 th of November 2017 as a grand ceremony.

Under the program, entries are arriving from across the country.  The last date for recieving entries through email ([email protected]) is 20th of September 2017. There are two age groups namely 7-10 years and 11-15 Years. Its an opportunity for identifying the writers of tomorrow and provide them a larger platform today. Entries shall be acceptable in English/ Hindi/ any other dialect of Bihar, within 1500 words.There is no entry fee. Any child can write a story and send it by email.

Kahaanighar’s co-founder Rony Banerjee said, we have a strong belief that children would participate in good numbers. we are aiming  at sharing the dias with more and more child litterateurs. For further details we can be contacted at 9973156169.Its a free entry and non-commercial event .

The best 50 stories shall be selected by a panel of eminent Writers and Litterateurs and shall be published as a Book. Besides it, there are prizes and gifts as well. The renowned selectors panel include: Padmashree Usha Kiran  Khan, Anuradha Pradhan, Geetashree, Nivedita Shakeel, Hrishikesh Sulabh, Anish Ankur, Pawan, Pranav Kumar Choudhary, Nawal Shukla and Deepak Yatri. Famous radio storyteller, Neelesh Misra has also consented to grace the occasion with his presence.

Amit Vikram of Kahaanighar said, We at Kahaanighar believe that We believe, childhood can be conserved in only one way. Thats by extending culture with creativity. We have felt that creativity can be fostered through thematic activities and culture can be infused through rhythmic exposure to the knowledge forms. Based on the theme of Kahaanibaaz, we would be having two short plays by children on 12th November, besides releasing the book. It shall be followed with release of two theme songs on kahaanighar and Kahaanibaaz by a local youth band of Patna.

Invitations are being sent to the schools for attracting participation

The awards and accolades shall be distributed under a grand Kahaanibaaz ceremony in Patna on 12th November 2017, at Premchand Rangshala Patna.

Kahaanighar is a Social Enterprise established by painter Meenakshi Jha Banerjee and design thinker Rony Banerjee, out of their sheer commitments and interest for development of cultural pro-activeness amongst children through informal interactions, as simple as storytelling. KAHAANIGHAR and its activities are FREE for all children and intend to ascertain exposure for the deprived and under-privileged. Every evening, classes in basic education are organised. besides it, every saturday and sunday is dedicated to sessions on creative exposure through storytelling, crafts, cinema and interaction with the famous intellectuals of Patna.


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